Summer is here! Invite Us!

February is over, the Love Month has come and gone but now Summer is here! You may be planning on lots of fun and your YOUTH LEADER may be making plans for your YOUTH GROUP and your 2018 SUMMER CAMP. This would be a great time to invite the TRUE LOVE WAITS PHILIPPINES TEAM give the LOVE REVOLUTION TALK to your students. The Love Revolution talk is a 2.5 hour talk by the TLW Team. If you want to go deeper, then you can invite the True Love Waits Philippines Team to conduct at 4.5 hour LOVE REVOLUTION WORKSHOP. If you want to go for the major impact, then invite the team to do both the talk and the workshop on consecutive days. Either way, the lives of your students will be changed. 

True Love Waits Philippines is a non-profit organization with the goal of connecting youth to God and His plan for absolute purity. We are committed to impacting youth by teaching them to be pure in heart, which will lead them to make the right choices—especially in the issue of delaying sexual debut until marriage.

We reach the youth by holding conferences around the country; conducting talks and trainings to students and adults alike in churches, schools, government offices and other various organizations; we also conduct talks specifically tailored for parents. Through these activities, we are committed to an intensive awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS by spreading the message of “Purity and Abstinence” nationwide.

Whatever the True Love Waits Philippines Team can do for your youth group this summer, they will do it. If somehow your youth group is not headed to the beach or the mountains and you just want to invite the team to your church, then that can be as well. Just click on INVITE US and fill in the details of your event dates. 

These activities will allow the youth to hear a message that will help them form and strengthen their biblical convictions about love, life, sex, and relationships.

The True Love Waits Philippines Team is regularly invited to various cities around the country. This Summer we are making plans to go to Iloilo, Bacolod and other cities. But wherever you are, the Team can come to you!