Mutual Understanding

M.U. Exposed!

“His eyes just melt me on the spot! Plus he gave me chocolates for my birthday. Isn’t he so thoughtful and sweet?” she thought. “Well, she’s pretty and so excited with the gift. Kind and sweet girl. I think I like her.” He thought “I feel something special for him; he probably feels the same …

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“MU n b tayo?!”

I was surfing the net one time, searching for thoughts about the MU fever then I came across these lines from a confused blogger. “ano ba talaga?!? hayy!ang gulo talaga… unfair di ba?!? di mo alam kung anong status nyo…you’re doing things na parang kayo, pero hindi…” This could be the same thing some of …

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Commitment not MU!

The world teaches a different thing or perspective concerning relationships with the opposite sex. Its okei to be in a “relationship” without a commitment. Kaya super complicated ang journey niyong dalawa.Ang reason ng ilan… “Hassle kase e.” “Ay0ko ng additional responsibility.” “Hindi pa ako handa.” Statements such as these doesn’t make any sense. We strongly …

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