Purity and Purpose

God’s on top of everything. He gave us freedom. The freedom that rooted from grace that He has bestowed upon us. His words and teachings guide us to use this freedom with great responsibility.  He provided us all the instructions through His promises and words. But still many are in search of their purpose and purity …

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You Complete Me

How many of us, girls, would long to hear these words from the guy we most cherish? Admit it, we did dream of that time when we would find our Mr. Perfect, someone who would turn all our daydreaming into reality. Going back to this Jerry Maguire line, “You complete me,” one couldn’t help but …

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Dating Application Form

Application To Date My Daughter 1.  Name_________________________ Date of Birth____________ 2.  Height _________ Weight________ IQ________ GPA________ 3.  Social Security # ______________ Driver’s licence #__________ 4.  Boy Scout Rank_____________________________________ 5.  Home Address_____________ City/State ____________ Zip____ 6.  Do you have one male and one female parent? ____________ If no, explain answer _________________________________ 7.  Number of years parents …

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