Take Time to REALize

Do you usually end up your day like this, “Hay, it’s just an ordinary day?” You see things simply as the way it is. Pero haven’t you ever thought na a lot of times we are missing the obvious? I mean a lot!

That’s why take a little break. Take time to REALize these things.

sun_for_web.gif Do you know that the Sun is like a ball of fire? It is not just a little star twinkling twinkling in the sky coz it is HUGE! Even though it looks small in the sky it is actually bigger than you might imagine. It only looks small because it is 93 million miles away.milkyway.jpg

 According to NASA, there are 3,000 visible galaxies in the universe. Wow! That’s a lot.  And Milky Way is one of the galaxies mentioned which is our subdivision of the Solar System.



An average person will secrete sweat 1 litre per day, increasing to more than10 litre per day in a hot environment or during vigorous exercise.

Whenever you play badminton where it is ‘competitive’,you are burning 346 calories per badmintonhour. Sounds good for those who are in a diet. Playing badminton regularly increases the levels of HDL good cholesterol while decreasing the levels of bad cholesterols.


breatheI just learned about this… An average person takes in 21,600 breaths per day. Our body requires 88 pounds of oxygen per day. Sighing or yawning is a sign that you are not getting enough oxygen.

wormEarthworms? The earthworm is a well-known fishing bait, and it is sometimes called a fishworm or angleworm. Do you know that an earthworm has five pairs of “hearts” in the front part of its body. The “hearts” help circulate the worm’s blood.

These are simple facts about life how we live and see things but have you ever thought about this? Do you think there is more to see to the life you’re up to? The truth is… there are more! At times, we are much preoccupied thinking more about ourself and missing the things that are so obvious.

Or lets just put it this way, when was the last time you encouraged someone?

When was the last time you said ‘I Love You’ to your parents?

When was the last time you thank God for the life He has given you?

Do you know that your life is like just a vapor that appears for a little while and vanishes? You do not even know what will happen tomorrow!

Life is only on-loan and a superior Being can simply take it anytime He wants.


We have to REALize it!


Franco (“,)

18 thoughts on “Take Time to REALize”

  1. yeah yeah..
    we shouldn’t take the world
    for granted..

    ..why don’t we give importance
    on the things we have..

  2. feeling like this can leave us stranded to the truth of the big picture. that with out God’s love we are stranded.

  3. …yah…it’s time to realize that God love us that much to give these realizations to us.
    Thanks also kuya Franco.

  4. yahh ryt.. many people are not satisfied with the life they have..
    They always tend to ask something to God..
    People who don’t realize that every single thing they have are specially prepared by God for their living..
    God loves us so much but we sometimes ignore it.
    We always pray at night asking for His blessings and love..
    But have we ask God..

    “Lord, napasaya po ba kita?”

    think of it guys..
    God bless to all!

  5. this is the first time i come across this site. and i find this very interesting and helpful. upon hearing the jan 9,2007 true love series of Bo in preacher in blue jeans i thought that this will help me in giving advice and guiding my students. thanks in advance. i know you are God’s blessings. we all must realize that the little things we enjoy that we are not aware of or we ignore most of the time are God’s blessings to us. Let’s not waste the time God lends us in senseless and wrong doings. Let’s be more appeciative and sensitive by sharing this life and be a blessing to others. thanks po ng madame.

  6. hindi dapat nilalaan ang oras sa mga ganitong maliliit na bagay..

    god give us eyes to see.

    men give us technology to see further!

    what u see is so simple.

    try to look not to far from what ur eyes can see!

  7. those things that we think as useless are really helpful in our world. kumbaga sa science , they are all interconnected para mabuhay ang mga living things. lawakan natin ang ating involvement. we just need to pause for a while and realize…

  8. what if by REALizings things you
    are hurting yourself…
    should you continue REALizing…

    kuya franco i need help…

  9. Hi Only K,

    If that realization will lead you towards transformation that will give credit to God, pain is nothing compare to the joy you’ll have and the relationship you can have with God.

    Take time to read the Bible. It shall change your reality!


  10. may mga bagay talagang mhirap intindihin !1 it takes a long time b4 u realize that thing !! but i believe god lead your way and take you to the right path !!

  11. GOD give us many chances…..may mga pgkakataon na sinasayang ntin to…life is full of surprises,,,and we really dont know kung hanggang saan na lng tayo..GOD is good indeed and in nature and we need to realize kung gaAno kaimportante si GOD sa life ntin…without GOD we are nothing…

  12. Nice topic kuya franco! Lets treat each day a blessed day bcoz God has given another day for us to live, evryday ay importante kasi we never know na nagiging blessings na pala tayo sa ibang tao kahit sa simple actions or talks lang natin. Its true na anytime pedeng bawiin ng Lord ang ating mga buhay, kaya habang nabubuhay pa tayo, lets make use our time very wisely, a time that all the things we do gives praises and glory to our Lord.

    The time has come
    To stand for all we believe in
    So I for one am gonna
    Give my praise to You

    Today today it’s all or nothing
    All they way
    The praise goes out to You
    Yeah all the praise goes out to You
    Today today I live for one thing
    To give You praise
    In everything I do
    Yeah all the praise goes out to You

    God bless us!
    Keep rockin for Jesus!

  13. …it’s nice tlaga… ng message.. na toh, kuya franco…
    i know that it is not an accident na na open ko ang website na ito, but it is
    God’s Purpose,,,,

    marami po talaga akong natutunan dito,,

    …Sana MArami pa ang MakAopen sa web site na ito….
    pra MABasa din nila Ang MAgagaNdang Message dito…

    …Tama Talaga…TAKE TiME 2 REALIZE…sa mga bagay2x na Dumarating sa buhay natin…kc minsaN hinahayaan lng NAtin..

    ..especially ung TIME para sa PANGINOON…

    …TIME is very impotant tlaga.. at hindi na ito maibabalik Pa,,
    kaya habang my time pa tayo, gamitin natin ito para sa pagserbisyo sa PANGINOON
    at sa kanyang KALUWALHATIAN,,,

    ” sabi nga the BEST expression of LOVE is time”…
    ..So if we love GOD,, we should always give tiME to HIM…

    thankzzzz powh,,

    ,,,May GOD continue to pour out His BLESSINgS in your LIFE kuya,,
    and also FOR the TLW team

    God Bless powh..sa ating LAHAT,,,???

  14. …Take time 2 REALIZe,,, talaga,,, especially sa PAligid natin ,,,
    ,,we should realize na ang LAhat na ito ay GAliNG Sa DiyoS…
    lahat ay hindi nabuo kung wala ang Diyos,
    wala TayO sa Mundong Ito kung wala Ang Diyos,
    kaya dapat nating pasalamatan ang Diyos sa LIFE na iBINIgay NIYA Sa Atin

    God created us, because of His Purpose,,

    and the only thing that God wants to us
    is to SeRVE and TO GLORIfy HIS NAme…

    …TAKe time to REALIZE …na HAbang my buhay pa TAyo, gamitin natin ito Sa ikasasaya sa HArap Ng Diyos..sabi nga “THE BEST EXPRESSION OF LOVE IS TIME”
    ..so if we love GOD, we should give time to HIM…

    tnx powh,,,

    may God continue to pour out His BLessing in ur life kuya
    and also for all TLW team..

    GOD BLess Sa ating LAHAt

  15. Dont blame GOD if nasaktan ka…….enjoy ur lyf….everything has a purpose,,,,

    take time to realized tlga…

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