The Boy-Girl Talk @ Miriam College QC

First batch for 2nd year Miriam HS- October 21

miriam college HS

.Warming up before we have some pure fun!

miriam college

Miriam students are rethinking how they view love, relationship, and sex.

ree soria

Ree is passionately encouraging the young ladies to wait.

miriam college

Picture! Picture!

Kuya Derek with his Tagalog words

“Nauunawaaan niyo? “

cool smiles





Hear it from our Panelists…

open forum

“How would you differentiate love from infatuation?”

open forum

Change starts inside…




Second Batch for 2nd year Miriam College HS- October 27, 2008

miriam college

Miriam College HS Principal giving her welcome remarks.

miriam college

“Let us welcome our resource speakers for this morning.”

head turn

Head turn? Hmm…

boy-girl talk

“Yeah, I’m gorgeous!”

miriam college

Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

miriam college

“Love is a choice more than what we feel.”

miriam college

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

miriam college

Great smile from the talk we had.


 “Fun to be with my classmates. hehe”

sexual innocence

We are born with a sexual innocence.


“God is love. And it rebounds back to Him.”

ateneo boy school

Van from Ateneo HS, sharing his thoughts about love.

tlw team

TLW Team

11 thoughts on “The Boy-Girl Talk @ Miriam College QC”

  1. I love the talk. Thank you for all the fabulous and informative speakers in our boy-girl talk. We enjoyed it and may TRUE LOVE always influence other people that GOD is their life and true love waits for them at the right time.

  2. I never thought that a teenage guy would really say something factual about his own kind. The talk was so fun, it’s a good thing that our section was part of the first group. 😀

  3. Yeah! I had a lot of fun. The last part with everyone talking was pretty boring though. The student speaker took too long!! 😀 I really learned a lot.

  4. COOL. B-) that’s all I can say.
    I have never expected that the talk would be so much fun just like that.
    Thank you very much for the opportunity.
    I also want to join the activities that you’ll have.
    We also learned a lot from your group, thank you for sharing!
    BALIK KAYO A. =))

  5. hey tlw team!

    great job. your talk has truly been meaningful and worthwhile especially for us teenagers going through a lot during this stage. some of my friends who had it earlier than me (i was part of the second batch) even called the talk “life changing.” we were really blessed to have been given the opportunity to learn from you.

    continue the good work and may God bless you all always!

    p.s. i was the emcee with no voice and i’m sorry for that! hahaha

  6. Hi Celina!

    Great out to hear from you. You did a cool job during the talk.Yeah!

    It would be cool if you could send us your own reflections regarding the talk we had.

    You can send it to . We love to hear from you!

    Hi Ghie, inform the Guidance Office how impacting the talk was. Perhaps we ca train some of you and train others!

    Hi J.Fo, our pleasure to post it!


  7. Hey TLW Team!

    I hope we get more from you! It was awesome, what you did for us! It made me REALize about a lot of things that we are going through! THANK YOU VERY MUCH 😀

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