The Burger King Syndrome

yummy burger

Imagine a huge, delicious, juicy burger staring up at your from a tray on the table. You take a sniff, feeling hungrier every minute. There it is—all what you want, how you want it. The bun, toasted lightly. No tomatoes or lettuce or that icky sour stuff. Just the delicious meat and the delicious cheese.

Welcome to Burger King. The place where you can have your burger prepared just the way you want it. Want tomoates? No? Okay, how about lettuce? An extra serving of pickles? Absolutely no mustard or mayonnaise?
That’s Burger King’s greatest feat—you get to have what you want the way you want it.

Often, we take the “Have It Your Way” attitude—or what I call “the Burger King Syndrome”—all the way through life.
As long as we want something, we think we can get it. We push the limits, we step past the boundaries. We think that the world out there is to please us.

Parents are supposed to give us what we want. That means no chores, a huge amount of allowance, and our favorite dishes every meal.
Teachers are supposed to make lessons fun, give us less homework (after all, teenagers have sooo much to do, right?), and give exceptionally high grades so our parents don’t ground us from the TV and internet for 3 years.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you’ve got to admit that, one way or another, we’re caught up in the BK Syndrome. Whether we admit it or not, we like having things our way.

Take another example from movies or TV. We barely have patience with films where characters are not involved in anything exciting. For a movie to succeed, it must have intense action that make our hearts race 5 miles a minute.
Cellphones must have the latest features. Our pockets must carry the latest gadgets.
In school, when the professor announces a quiz, we usually groan “Sir! (or Ma’am!) sa susunod na lang! Di pa kami nagrereview!”
Ouch! Although we are not aware of it always, we are guilty of the BK Syndrome. We think things should go our way. We think our “needs” are more important than other people’s needs.

The world knows what we want, and as a response, it tries to make sure we get it. We’ve got stores like Burger King with the slogan “Have It Your Way.” (Sounds good, doesn’t it?) We’ve got Y.R.Y.S. which means “Your Rules, Your Style.” (Sounds even better!)

Always getting our way, however, leads to discontentment. How about trying to be happy with everything you have? (1 Thessalonians 5:18) The Bible also encourages us to not go with the flow and to be different from what the world expects of us (Romans 12:1). That means sacrificing a little, even if it means you don’t always get what you want.

It’s not easy to think about others first, it’s not easy to stop wishing that things are just the way we want them to be. It’s hard to get rid of the BK syndrome, but working on it little a time will help each one of us.

What about you?
•    What are some other things you’ve seen that the world use in order to trick us into thinking that we can get what we want, however we want it?
•    Are there things in your life right now that are affected by the BK Syndrome?
•    If so, what can you do to get rid of it?

Article written by

Alyssa Chua -Rebelutionary

14 thoughts on “The Burger King Syndrome”

  1. Mark Will M. Magallanes

    Yah, some people just have to be pressed really hard that life does not work our own way… Haha:)) Rebelution… The Harris Twins’ book:p

  2. these is very true to students. you got a very good example there. hope students would understand that they cannot have everything in their own way. hey guyz, reality bites. open your eyes to see the real world and open your mind to undertsand the world, how it goes around and how it rules. what i’m saying is we can have things in life much appreciated if we give truly our best and truly sacrifice for it. marami sa mga teens ang madali panghinaan ng loob. kaya dapat laging may guidance ng parents and teachers. Parents and teachers should encourage teens to harness and develop their talents so they could have more confidence to face the real world after high school. syempre dapat ung formation meron kasamang values orientation and role modeling. remember: Values are caught, not taught. hope you accept my comment. thanks po ng madame.

  3. You are truly right Angel Xtian. Hope we can come to your campus and encourage students with our message about Purity and making wise choices.


  4. yeah,. not only are we ungrateful for what He’s given us, most of the time, we want more. But the truth is, God doesn’t owe us anything, yet He gives us everything.

    Each day, whether good or bad, (whether we don’t have it our way), is one more gift from our God. Our grateful response should be to live to PLEASE HIM.

    “Then you will live a life that honors the Lord, and you will always please Him by doing good deeds. you will come to know God even better. His glorious power will make you patient and strong enough to endure anything, and you will be truly happy.”
    Col. 1:10-11

  5. YOu’re right Iane! I just learned about this that we are more about being a self indulgent beings. We pamper, humor and satisfy things with in us.
    For example, try to inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale and inhale and not to exhale… what will happen?
    You shall die. Living on earth is about inhaling and exhaling. Once we get something, we must learn how to give it by means of love.


  6. this website is so cool!
    i’ve been spending almost an hour browsing through the past and recent blogs posted..
    and i’ve already learned a lot of stuff!
    i thought i was the only person experiencing such problems and realizations in life..
    di pala..marami pala tayo!
    haha..nagpapasalamat talaga ako at nag-CR ako sa school ng ate ko (and future school ko)..
    kung hindi siguro,di ko makikita ang sticker ng TLW sa pinto ng isang cubicle!
    haha..astig talaga!ü
    now i’m pretty sure God led me to this place.. 😀

  7. It’s simply called entitlement syndrome.

    Everyone is not entitled to everything. This is usually prevalent to western societies and slowly crawling to our filipino psyche.

    when I was a teenager, I always have to make do what ever I have. If I wanted something I have to save up for it or ask my mother to give me extra for a “project” that is a requirement for school.

    This is where the parents should come in. They are supposed to be the role model of the kids. Its not the church or the school’s responsibility to nurture the morals of a child. It’s the parents responsibility. Plain and simple.

    Being entitled to everything is a foolish attitude that cant get you anywhere. You have to work for it. But envy in the other hand is a sin.

    To sum up this post. I think you can always read as about Envy.

  8. Wow! That sounds cool Kamoteboy (sori dont know ur real name.hehe)

    I would agree with you that parents are highly responsible in teaching their kids the values they should have.

    Keep it up!


  9. I remember my mother telling me that you can’t always get what you want whenever I would rant that things don’t go my way or I never got what I wanted. It took me several years to learn that she was right and I learned it the hard way.

    So now, if things don’t go my way I would just either shrug it away or think there’s always something better planned for me.

  10. raian the whole

    ahm.. ,this the first tym that I surf to this site and I really find it interesting..
    aCtually I agree to all what you sed..but the question is??do it really matter to those students/youths
    who dwell in “bk syndrome”.. actually even in our campus(that was a official catholic school) it been no big deal at all.that what students:students get..
    I really felt pity sa mag magulang nila..who really work hard para sa pag-aaral nila..
    but as a christian maybe ito ung hamon sa atin..kung paano ntin mababagu ung sitwasyon..
    khit hindi nha tayo lumayo maybe our school/”barangay” we must do sumthing..

    hope to those who will read my reply comment kayo..thank’s

  11. Hi Raian,

    If we are going to realize that we have this kind of sickness then we should find a remedy right then.
    Admitting that we have a problem matters. Now how this article will help us? Examine our hearts and see if we are trapped in this.

    We can never change a person but God can. I think the best way to do is to display who He is so that others people can see the difference in us!


  12. great article. MInsan or madalas pa nga kahit di natin napapansin ngyayari na pala satin ang ganito. Nakaka-relate ako dito, want to share kaso bka humaba. hehe. Basta lagi lang maging kontent0 kung anu meron tayo. Ang Lord naman kasi laging may plano sa bawat isa satin, nais lang nya ay sumunod tayo, at syempre we have to learn to wait, wait sa mga bagay na gusto or nais natin.


  13. i got to admit my class has the “BK SYNDROME” whenever the teacher will announce that there is a quiz we will all shout next time teacher or cher it’s cheating you didnt tell us!and while some of us will even fight just to get what they want, so that they will follow him/ her.this is really true and i got to agree im usually like that especially when i don’t see teamwork in what we are doing.

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