The Lamars as TLW Ambassadors

In showbizness, singleness is really a blessing, according to True Love Waits ambassadors DJ & Micah Lamar a.k.a. The Lamars. Brothers DJ (20) and Micah (18) set off their acting debut in 2010 as Sam Milby’s bandmates in the Kapamilya feature, “Idol.”

Born to Christian missionaries, they were brought up in Sariaya, Quezon in a household with strong Christian values away from television and influence of a worldly city life. Perhaps for this reason that these brothers had more time to hone their musical talents and gather inspiration to write songs.

Despite the blessing of growing up in a Christian home and provincial solitude the Lamars have struggles in being single. They share, “Sometimes you see your friends in relationships and they look happy and looks like they’re having fun and you feel jealous, but then you realize that probably in a couple months they’re just gonna break up and find someone else…”

Hints of Jealousy

Even if hints of jealousy often come up they realize that there’s nothing real in the relationships they see. No commitment at all. “Nowadays it’s just a game, who can get the prettier girl, cuter guy, or they just want ‘someone’ because everyone else has someone,” the Lamars said.

These brothers dodge their hints of jealousy deciding that fleeting emotions and satisfaction are not what they’re looking for, “We want something real, someone we will eventually commit the rest of our lives with,” they said.

A Decision To Be Single

“When you go into a relationship, you give a part of your heart to that person. Things go well at first then you break up, then you go into another relationship. You give your heart again to someone else… and the cycle just repeats itself.”

DJ & Micah further explained that “by the time you find the person you really want to spend the rest of your life with, you can’t give your whole heart to him or her because you’ve already shared it with other people in your previous relationships.” For the Lamars, it’s waiting for the right one than to going into a relationship for the sake of having a relationship. It’s settling for the best to come.

Waiting and Marriage

Young as they are, the Lamars have nuggets of wisdom to share about marriage. “Marriage is a gift. It’s a privilege of sharing and committing your life with someone. It’s a gift that nowadays is not taken seriously because it’s not easy, and never will be.”

“Marriage is a beautiful thing but for some reason today it became an option. I guess people don’t like to face challenges nowadays so they just give in to divorce. But then again, if God is not in the center, that’ll definitely make things even the more difficult.” By waiting for sex until marriage, the Lamars desire to honor God as the Author of marriage .

Premarital Sex and Youth

“When you’re doing ‘everything’ before you get married,” the Lamars continued, “the side effects will appear when you get married and it will be difficult.”

“Engaging in PMS (premarital sex) is a sin! There’s no other way to say it. You can try to reason with yourself and make up excuses or whatever but it’s still a sin.”

“Despite it being a sin, know that God is merciful and that He forgives, but that doesn’t give you right to abuse that and go do it again. God knows what’s in your heart, there’s nothing you can hide from Him.”

“Singles! Be proud and unashamed,” they call out. “God knows and has someone out there for you. Just be patient. Don’t feel like you have to be like everyone else. Go for something that will last for a lifetime.”

“Your friends might make fun of you or whatever but deep down inside they respect you. They might not admit or say it but we promise you they do because it shows that a real man can be patient and have self-control.”

There might only be a few who desire to be single with this kind of perspective on love, sex and marriage but as True Love Waits ambassadors the Lamars desire that all singles out there will, “live a life that will honor God, because at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.”

Music Video of one of their original songs.

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10 thoughts on “The Lamars as TLW Ambassadors”

  1. Thanks God for these people who have a caring heart…because they go everywhere just to teach and share what they know to other people like me!!,and special thankz to Ms. Leslie Vergara..:-)

    I pray that your group would be more blessed and continue in spreading the good news all over the Philippines!!in Jesus name AMEN!!

  2. jade miparanum

    thanks to good advice given to young people today they aim for the fact that many senders in Emotion and thinking out of range for the love they need to learn what is right or wrong because many of the pregnant beyond .. Adults

  3. an enlightening article! Among all of my friends, I am the only who chooses to be single. Not really choose–but unfortunately single. Haha! This is what I thought before, but now I have come to know that being single is a blessing from God. All I have to as of the moment is to wait and pray for that someone. I hope I will find him. 😀

  4. Praise God for you Kuya Lamars’!Hehe. 🙂

    It’s just amazing how the Lord makes the joy of the TLW staff and the Lamars so contagious. I’ve learned so much a lot from all of you.Thank you and thank God! 🙂

  5. God Bless you more. The standard of God will never ever be change yesterday, today and tomorrow. Don’t be ashamed to be called a “probinsyana” as long as it is for the glory of God.

  6. im so touched because i also have the same advocacy as to why really its true that true love waits. so inspiring specially from the lamar bros. i give out my heart and support for you guys because of the great work that you doing. godbless you both always and your family.

  7. I admire these people. It’s rare to find young people who thinks this way. Personally, I have always believed that TRUE LOVE WAITS. This topic is always part of our sunday school in church. Being single doesn’t mean nobody likes you. We are just saving ourselves for God’s best..:)

  8. The Lamars brother <3..I admire them since the first time i saw them..Their song "Love You More" inspired me.. =) I don't know if they can read it.. =D but i want to say to Micah that his hairstyle in "Love You More" MV is better than his hairstyle now.. =) no offend..I just want to say it..

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