TLW “Cebu rEVOLution” @ St. Theresa’s College

St. Theresa’s College- College rEVOLution Talk

Ree with STC Mass Communication Students

rEVOLution @ STC College

What is Love?????

Im worth the Wait!

Mrs. Duma, Tara and Ana

Warm Up Muna.

We are empty barrels.

Search our hearts Oh God

God is our Ultimate Thirst Quencher. Dwell Deep!

Open Forum Time

How to break up with a boyfriend? Hmmm

Mrs. Duma, Franco, Ree and Mrs. Aguila

Wrapping Up!

We thank Mrs Duma & Aguila, Guidance Counselors and STC College & Parent’s Council for organizing the event.

STC with Franco and Joerex

St. Theresa’s College- High School rEVOLution Talk

Starting up

STC High School

High School Council

Hundreds of young ladies gathered for the most kaka-kilig na topic- LOVE.

Questions are coming...Great What if??

STC High School

I have a question....

We were flooded with questions. This has been a great avenue for the ladies.

Question Duo

Mrs. Ruiz with the STC High School Students

Thanking Mrs. Ruiz & HS Parent’s Council for paving the way.

STC TLW Facilitator's Training

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  1. donabelle arcayos

    balik kau next time sa STC…
    ganda nyong kausap…sana maging close tau..hehehe
    salamat po…

    godbless u…..!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. it was really unfair because only 2nd- 4th year were allowed to join the conference. unfair to us first years because were not ready daw now look bunch f my clasmates have already bf.

  3. MAGANDA KA U LAHAT HA””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

  4. sana dyn ako eh “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””‘

  5. i am a civil engr by profession living in Dubai ( United arab emirates)
    Looking for a beautiful and nice friend.

  6. chrisna joy cadungog

    thnx so much guys.. had a lot of fun and a very good learning experience,, balik pa kau d2 ha.. ;]

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