Facilitator’s Training @ International Christian Academy

Warming things up before our whole day  training starts.

Lunch Time courtesy of Mcdo

After our TLW Training, group pictures were set.

Group Picture All together

4 thoughts on “Facilitator’s Training @ International Christian Academy”

  1. veryy coooll… thank you for the nice seminar. That really opened my eyes from the truth. God bless everyone!

  2. well.. I am happy to see those pictures. It look so wonderful. Its encouraging me that patient waiting can give us our true happiness in time. God Bless!

  3. How can I be a facilitator?

    I can feel I want to know more about God. I can feel it with fellow Christians. As of now, I am a member of a ministry. Our ministry is still small that we don`t have much youth like me in our church and my church don`t have connections yet in activities like this..

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