4 thoughts on “TLW @ Great Life Resource Center, Baguio City”

  1. true love waits…?KALOKOHAN LANG BA!..!But! its true.true love can wait..im so amazed to those people who wait in their right time to gave their true love to someone who can take care and love them none stop.I’ve learn that love is sacrificial,sustaining, and gives delight…I always remember that Jesus Christ sacrifices his life to the one He loves…te Kai, I and ate Ping learn a lot from TLW .We enjoyed the TLW’s seminar….It’s a priveledge na ipamahagi sa Youth and Adults also who has not been entering in a relationship, that true love can wait…regardz sa mga teacher ng TLW.Godbless..:)

  2. I just can’t express how blessed I am being one of the participants in the True Love Waits Seminar… I’ve learned a lot… God had opened my eyes and now I realized all my mistakes. Truly, this training is GREAT. God loves me. He never stop loving me. He knows my needs and I believe, I strongly believe that He is preparing my perfect mate.. All I need to do is TRUST HIM and WAIT..

    Thank you guys for allowing God to use u!!! Keep it up and God bless!!!!

  3. Im blessed to have attended the training… Truly, God loves me. He used the training to open my spiritual eyes. Now, I realized all the mistakes that I’ve been thru with regards in finding a mate….

    I believe, I strongly believe that God is preparing the perfect mate for me. All I need to do is TRUST Him and Wait.

    Thatnk you guys for allowing Jesus to use you mightily!!!

    Keep it up…

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