8 thoughts on “TLW @ Letran Campus, Calamba Laguna”

  1. brenn carlo escamillas

    hello,,i remember that event hehe,,im the one who participate on that forrum hehe,,it is nice thankz for making these TLW clubs it is nice again may i ask a question where can i download the song wag na muna ngayon it is very beautiful hehe and meaningful thankzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. ..am so impressed from what we have learned from you..there are such things that you make clearer for me..thanks a lot..n0w..i kn0w that true love waitS!!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    We would love to go back to Letran and teach you our TLW Lessons. So that you can also facilitate it in your campus in dealing and leading other students in finding the true source of True Love.


  4. Hi Brenn,

    Are you a high school or college student?
    We are planning to go back in Letran and share our TLW Lessons in selected students who would be willing to take time to share others the message of purity.


  5. brenn carlo escamillas

    hi kuya franco yez i’am a high school student,, really do u have another forrum at letran,i know there are many students hu participate in that forrum thankz 4 enlightened our mind thankz 4 giving advice dat a true love waits and we must wait a person hu will become our true partner thankzzzzzzzzz

  6. More than anything else Brenn,

    May you find true love in God alone. He desires a vibrant relationship in you more than just believing but also receiving and living with Him forever.

  7. i wasn’t able to attend this seminar because of some reasons. when can you go back to our school? i would LOVE to participate and share the message to everyone! it feels good, knowing there are people like you who gives time just to educate people about the importance of purity in a relationship. God bless your team. 🙂

  8. Hi Lala,

    We still dont know when. We are waiting on Mr Jao of Guidance Office for our schedule. Maybe you can make a follow-up on him. For sure it will be next semester for a training and a talk sana.

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