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Lourdes School


This coming Monday, July 23 we will give a presentation for the 3rd and 4th year students of Lourdes School Quezon City. The topic would be about Teen Sexuality focusing on Sexual Innocence of young people. Watch out it’s gonna be very heavyweight fantastic learning and laughter.




4 thoughts on “TLW @ Lourdes School”

  1. Thank you so much TLW for giving our school an opportunity, especially our 3rd and 4th year students, to learn more about teen sexuality. We hope to see you on Monday. God bless you. – Mr. Regidor S. Malabed, 2nd & 3rd Year Guidance Counselor, Lourdes School Quezon City

  2. Good day! it’s my birthday (haha wala lang). Hi! 😀

    😀 Thank you for the seminar. It is very inspiring to see that people nowadays are spending time to give students the proper knowledge and ideas about love and relationships. Please give pardon to some students that are sometimes “out of the line”. I’m seriously touched by the effort you have made for us. I will remember you guys and especially the ‘bags’. Inspire and never stop! More power to you! 😀 adrian – student LSQC

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