TLW @ Miriam College High School

First Batch: The Boy-Girl Talk for the 2nd year students

The rEVOLution talk. Do we need a revolution?

Ree surveys answers from the Miriam students

200 plus Miriam 2nd year HS

Boy-Girl Talk 09

Mr. Jestoni Alarcon-Parent Panelist

THe Boy-Girl Talk 09

The Panelists

Patiently Listening

One of the Panelists

Ah, Love is more than a feeling. It is a Choice!

TLW @ Miriam College High School

Open Forum Part

The Complete Set of the Panelists

Closing Prayer for the First Batch

TLW Team with Miriam 2nd year Students

TLW Ladies with Miriam Guidance Counselors

Second Batch: The Boy-Girl Talk for the 2nd year students

Here we Go!

Miriam 2nd year Students

The rEVOLution talk

Pure Laugh. Pure Fun. Pure Learning.

Franco demystifies the concept of Falling In & Out of Love.

Ree unpacks what are the qualities one should look for the right person.

Leslie solicits answers what Love is about

Mrs. Marites Joaquin starts giving her advice and response to the talk.

Reactions from the Panelists

Here we go! Go Miriam and TLW ladies

TLW Guys with the Miriam Guidance Counselors

12 thoughts on “TLW @ Miriam College High School”

  1. Jeonille Benedicto

    hello… I love your talk.. im a MCHS student.. maski kulang po ung time.. ok lang… ask ko lang po pag may question po ba saan magaask? thanks po


  2. Hello po. 😀 I’m na MCHS student. AND I SUPER ENJOYED THE TALK LAST TUESDAY! I learned a lot. 🙂 Sana may ganito rin next year. 🙂 HAHA. And i saw our pictures. :))))) Super sabog. =)) Okay. God bless sa inyo! \:D/

  3. HEY! I love the talk! REALLY! I enjoyed and at the same time, I learned a lot of things! I realized a lot of things! Thanks TLW! 🙂 The talk was really worth our time! hope to hear more advises from you next time guys! 🙂

  4. Hi Kayla & Luchie,

    The team enjoyed our time with you gals! Let others know about what you have learned and tell about our site as side promotion, hehe.


  5. HELLO!

    Suuuper FUUUN po talaga nung Oct. 13 during the Boy-Girl TALK 😀 as in!
    We were the last girls po who stayed behind to ask about the rings nga po e.
    And we also took a pic with you guys 😀 OM! Suuper fuun po to the max!

    Thank you for everything and it was all worth it, hope it was for the WHOLE day nga po e 😀 That would really make my week! 😀 hehe.

    Salamat po talaga, still planning to buy the ring, hope to see more of you guys in our next years po 🙂


  6. Hi Joann,

    We are SUUUUPER thankful for your comment. We also had fun and learned from you gals.

    You can ask your guidance to have us again this time training you with our TLW Module as you train other students.


  7. Thanks everyone.. We had soo much fun too :)) May ya’ll find satisfaction in God’s love :)) Only through Jesus you can be satisfied :))

  8. Hello po, im an mchs student, and because of the Boy-Girl talk, you made me realize that i need help from you guys xD Thanks for the sharing. I really learned a lot. as in A LOT 🙂

  9. Great post, Just wanted to say that i can not connect to your rss reader, you might want install certain wordpress plugin for that to workthat.

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