8 thoughts on “TLW @ Pateros Technological College”

  1. To Mr. Ross, Mr. Ferrer,Ate Kai and ate Lovely.Im happy to be part of TLW organization,thank you for the knowledge that you shared to us in lecture-forum in our school. thank you

  2. To Sir Franco, Ma’am Kai, and Sir Ross:

    We would like to thank you for enlighting our students how true love waits.

    We are hoping that you would give another inspiring topic.

    To our beloved students and to my supportive fellow teachers, thank you for supporting our organization and its activities.

  3. I for got to mention Ma’am Lovely for giving an inspiring word to our students.

    May TRUE LOVE WAITS prosper more.

  4. TRUE LOVE WAITS…for me it is the most appreciated organization for it serve inspiration to us.. to all the students that wanted to learn the true meaning of love.. I personally want to thank this organization for being a helping hand on my personal life.. thanx a lot..and to mam Vida.. thanx for being a wonderful Aviser… TRUE LOVE WAITS ROCKS!!!

  5. I would like to thank TLW for enlightening us with their experiences and inspiring messages. I hope that the organization will be able to reach out more people to inform them, especially the teenagers, that love really can wait. Guiding people to the right path can really touch lives.

  6. Thanks for inspiring us.
    I hope that you give more information about love.
    I am very thank that I join A TLW organization.
    Thanks for the time that you had given to us and more power.

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