TLW @ Salig Youth Camp

The SALIG yuth camp went for six days and Thursday, May 29, was set aside for TLW. Over 90 campers from ages 10 (yes, 10!) to college-age were there. dong__s_05_29_08__19_.JPG

Since the lectures could be heard outside the building, even the other workers and volunteers, and guests got to listen-in the whole day.

Kuya Apol and i took turns, and we were also blessed with volunteers to do the drama skit in Surigaonon 🙂


dong__s_05_29_08__22_.JPG dong__s_05_29_08__23_.JPG

Everyone had a blast and there are lots of pics.





After the lectures, i spent time with the females and Kuya Apol spent time with the males for the more sensitive questions/discussions.




All glory to God for touching their hearts to wait for true love as God intends it. 🙂

3 thoughts on “TLW @ Salig Youth Camp”

  1. tRue luV wAiteR

    …guYzzz Mizz naMin kaYong laHat… w’r rEaly bLsd sPecialy aTe biTtiNa, kuYa aPol, aTe ElloriE saKa kaMu taNan CamPerS… Jesus love’s us… huhuHHHhhh… seE u nxt cAmp…… b a gOod seRvanT of GOD… GOD blzzz.. “””i hav foutht d gud fight, i hav finished d race, i have kept the faith””(2 Tmothy 4)

  2. i praise God for speaking to me thru Ate Bettina and Kuya Apol, they are indeed God’s instruments for my growth..God is just so great because He knew that i really need to undergo a True Love Waits seminar again for my refreshment;-) He reminded me of some no no’s for a true love waiter..hehehe..True love waits indeed!;-) as for now, i praise God because i find myself lost in His love, He has consumed me with His love and He’s making me busy with His works that i even forgot human love, like any typical teenager longs–love just for companionship, no commitment..i’m filled with joy knowing that i keep falling in love with Jesus over and over again;-) He’s soooo good, all the time! to Him be all the glory! –>thank you TLW ministry for letting God use you to encourage teens of today (like me..hehehe), to wait for God’s perfect time, and for consoling other once-lost teens to go back to God’s loving embrace.. He makes all things beautiful in His time.. Love is patient indeed;-) may God bless us all!glory to Him!;-)

  3. ..’hAhahaha!!!im the all about!!hahahAhaha..sikat ako..!!!drama2x..weeeeee!!!! SALIG lang ta!!!!!!!go Go Go!!!!go grow glow!!!hahahAhaa..Jesus loves you!!! God bLezZ!!!

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