TLW @ San Beda HS Alabang





August 25- Actual workshop with some parents in the morning and students in the afternoon.

san beda

john 3:16

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September 19-21- Motivational talk for 3rd and 4th year students during their Guidance Week.

October-November- True Love Waits workshop for everyone whose interested.

15 thoughts on “TLW @ San Beda HS Alabang”

  1. i would just like to share something..i feel so blessed because i was given the chance to join the students who had the seminar with tlw last saturday at our school…i am really looking forward to attending more seminars with them..

  2. the seminar last Aug. 25. was cool.. coz it made me realize a lot of things.. hope to hear more from sir Derek.. hehehe.. it was fun and interesting thou our group was kinda quiet.. hehe.. thank you very much…

  3. Thank you guys! We enjoyed it!

    Please share to your classmates the excitement.

    Let us here from more of you.

  4. Hi Derek, Franco, Kai,

    Thank you very much for bringing TLW to San Beda Alabang. The response from the teachers, parents and students who attended was simply overwhelming. And the students are actually asking for more activities and programs. I look forward to a long partnership between the Hisfaco (the HS family council) and TLW for the follow-up programs and activities.

    God bless and may The Force (up there) be always with you as you try to reach out to more young people in the future! That in all things, He maybe glorified.


  5. i hope tlw can be repeated and echoed to all students of SBC high school. Its a great seminar and im sure many will benefit from this. God works in many mysterious ways! Cheers!

  6. ei guys..hahaha..nice seminar yung sa seniors na.. the seminar is not boring di katulad n g ineexpect namin kc halos lahat ng seminar boring..shhh…kuya franco..nice voice!hahaha…keep it up!!!true love waits!!!!hahaha…more power =)

  7. I’m one of the 3rd year students that went to the Seminar yesterday (Sept.19). I must say that it was very inspiring and comforting to know that there are people who are ready to alleviate the peer pressure from teenagers. When I say peer pressure I mean that we should have a boyfriend/girlfriend at our age to look cool or to be accepted. But I’ve been a long believer that we should save ourselves for marriage and not give ourselves away.

    Thank you so much for opening our eyes to the misconceptions of love and revealing what true purity is.


  8. may tanong lang po ako sainiyo. tama lang po ba na nakipag break ako kasi wala na nangyayare sa aming dalawa na parang hndi na din kami? thanks

  9. balik kau guys! hahaha!! stig mga talks nio and stuff! tapos may mga joke time pa! hahha!! pwde! 😀

  10. wahhhh i miss t.l.w moments….learn a lot from this….thankyou for letting me be part of your seminar…

  11. The TLW program has been a great deal of help to my fellow schoolmates and also to my friends outside my school. They have applied all the things that we have given them and now have the knowledge to differentiate simply what to do and what is the right thing to do. I love the task that has been given to me and would love to do it all the time. Thanks!

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