TLW @ San Beda part 2

It’s not everyday we meet people that brings a twist into our lives some are not so good but most of the time it’s all good.We would like to appreciate the Hisfaco and the San Beda HS Alabang Admin for allowing us to share the message of purity to their juniors and seniors. Bedan’s you are the sweetest!!!

kuya Jay ate Jo

it's your smile:) Banana shake

Once upon a time. on his bended knee
it started with a kissbut it doesn't end there...

do you have one of thesekeeping your sexual innocence
It's NAIL time..At the cross...

10 thoughts on “TLW @ San Beda part 2”

  1. i reaLLy enjoyed TLW seminar.. =)

    i hope we can do that again next schooL year.. =)

    u guys are soooo cooL!!

  2. wahaha. .katuwa ung program ^_^

    really enjoyed the talks and the activities

    nxt yr ult 🙂

    (c dupa ba ung “janica” dun tsaka c david ba ung “apol?”)
    wahahaha :p

    tnx kuya kuya derek for the program ^_^

  3. naks! hehe… actually freshies ako and don’t know anything about this,pero parang ang saya nio s pics… haha!

  4. i’m so happy that you conducted a talk about purity and holiness to high school students. i studied in san beda and i really think that this generation needs someone to tell them biblical truths about dating and relationships. keep it going! i pray that you will continue this in other high schools.

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