TLW Stories: Proclaim-Share-Satisfy

Each one of us is a part of Christ’s body. We all have different functions.
But we are called to be his hands and feet
since we are all called to serve one another and to love one another.

TLW Stories are simply stories of volunteers and their experiences in helping
Connecting Filipino Youth with God and His Plan for Absolute Purity.
Each volunteer has a different story, different skills, different gifts and gifts.
You were made for God’s Glory, you were made to tell your story.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,
faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” ~ 1 Peter 4:10, NIV


My perception of love was once based with people, things or what had happened before. It made life complicated. I always had the feeling of something was missing. But by the time I knew the Author of Love and had a relationship with Him, the One who loved me unconditionally, I finally understood what real love was. Since then, I always had the desire to share this love with other people.

Just last July 15, I was given a privileged to join the Love Revolution Talk with that was held by True Love Waits PH at Marinduque State College. At first I’m kind of terrified since that would be my first time to talk and considering that we’re going to have at least 400 participants. But as how God promised that He will be with me all the time and He’ll strengthen me, by the grace of God, I did it. It’s also amazing how God provided beautiful people to support me and to encourage me, Ate Sugar, Je-an, Kuya Kim, Ate Krishna and Pastor Derek.


I admit that I’m so excited for the talk, I’m excited to share the real definition of love (since it was also my topic) and how love should be understood by people. I was also bothered before we started, because knowing the young people, I thought that they might get easily become bored. I was thinking how I can make it more interesting, but then again, God supplied all my needs, words came out and it was overwhelming how the students responded and participated during the talk. All throughout the talk, I saw how they became interested with all of the topics and how they enjoyed it. That was really an amazing experience. I saw God really move that day. We were kind of worried about lots of things; the weather, the sound system, the projector and even with the participants, but, Wow! Everything ran smoothly. Truly, God is good and always present.


We may find happiness with the love we received from around us, the students made us feel special but nothing is more perfect with the love that God Gives. Real love can only be found in Jesus and we need to proclaim and share how that LOVE can satisfy us all.  ?

Grace Caingcoy
TLW Volunteer