TLW & Urban Hope @ Univ. of Sto. Thomas

What is the connection of your heart and a skateboard? Simple lang, if you want to be a skater boy you need to learn one thing and that is discipline, so you don’t get a broken knee, toe or ankle now when it comes to your heart you don’t want it also to be broken, so you need God in everything that you do that includes any sport and relationship you enter in.

True Love Waits and Urban Hope wishing and praying that you don’t get a broken part of your body especially the most imortant one: HEART.


Skater boi

heart in the middle
break it to me gentlytorn
second try
Skateboard Masterhearts and skateboard


4 thoughts on “TLW & Urban Hope @ Univ. of Sto. Thomas”

  1. Nakakapagpabagabag

    Why didn’t I get to know about this event when I have a daugther and a son at USTHS??

    Hey guys you have to inform all kids and parents about this event. Very good for the heart, mine as well!

    I am worried about my kids getting home at night!

  2. i’m studying at UST. I didn’t hear about this.. hope i can come nxt tym.. and be informed… Godbless:)

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