TLW @ VNBC-Refresh ’08


Refresh True Love Waits was a very fun and great experience it made a lot of difference to me.  It made me change the way I look at love.  It helped me realize that without God I can never be happy and be fulfilled in any relationship.  It also made me realize that I was not doing the right things that God wanted me to do.  After I made a commitment with the Lord I was truly changed, I don’t give much importance on virginity before but now I understand.

Dustin de Jesus

VNBC – 2nd year student





I learned at the camp that waiting for true love is a difficult and serious thing to pursue.  The commitment I made, made a great and strong impact to me and my life.  There was a lot of drama in it and it was like a razor blade that stabbed right through my heart.


Kent Bawagan

VNBC, 2nd year student





tlw refresh

torn apart

We should wait for the “one” that God has chosen for us.  We should not be in rush finding someone because God has chosen someone already for us that we can’t regret.  God’s love for us is an example of true love.  His love is non-stop, sacrificial and always remembers.

Ann Balayo

VNBC – 3rd year student



the waitlist


I learned that I should wait for God’s planned partner for me even if it’s hard because our purity is very important.  When our speaker said that “Don’t give up when you love someone”, it really struck my heart.  I understand that waiting is important because true love really waits and I know that she will come into my life in a way that I don’t expect.  In the meantime I will wait, wait, and wait with open arms.


John Ezekiel dela Torre

VNBC – 4th year student


Ate Bettina at refresh

I learned how to wait for God’s timing and to commit myself to be pure until my wedding day.  Being pure is the greatest gift that you could give to your future mate.  I now understand that in waiting you are preparing yourself for God’s will, you are busy in serving Him that you actually forget that you are waiting.  Waiting is a time to deepen your relationship with God.


Doan Montecastro


VNBC – 4th year







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  1. Hey True Love Waiters and Waitresses!

    More power to you in your place!

    Carry God’s message of Love to youth.

    If you are a youth from the Refresh camp, and a part of True Love Waits.

    Send us a testimony about the impact on your life.

    Kuya Derek, True Love Waits Philippines National Director

  2. for Ann Balayo… nice one there too! sweet pictures! hehehe
    waiting for the ONE is the hardest part yet most rewarding… 😉

  3. yung mga pure jan,magpakapure kayo until ur wedding day…
    kc po masakit pag di ka pure sa harapan ng Panginoon to the point dis-obedient ka sa kanya..huhu
    gets nyu?hehe

  4. Hello!!!!
    It was indeed a fantastic Refresh Camp We have!!! We were taught not just to wait but to wait for the right one!!! VNBC high school was so thankful for mR. & mRS Betina… salamat!!!

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