iVolunteer for TLW Summer & Beyond (“,)

Our GOAL is to reach the youth in the Philippines.

And for us to do that, we are hunting for people who have the heart to invest their lives through; time, skills, creativity, passion, wisdom, etc..

If you are young person who is called to make a stand in living a PURE LIFE and to serve fellow youth,

we are certainly looking for YOU!

Join the FUN

You can help in various ways .

If you are the ONE we are looking for… then make a noise and stand!

We are the One

Send an email to barkadahan@wagmuna.com with your

Name,  Address,  Contact Numbers,  Birth date,  Organization, Your  Skills,  and a brief description about yourself.

Three way process to be a TLW VOLUNTEER:


Step 2. Attend the Get Oriented Day (G.O.D.).*

Step 3. Finish the WAIT Training.*

* Leslie Vergara (TLW Volunteer Specialist) will email the schedule of G.O.D. & WAIT Training after you emailed her.

100% Fun, Cool and PURE.

66 thoughts on “iVolunteer for TLW Summer & Beyond (“,)”

  1. franco and the rest of the team,

    give me more information about this coming event in cebu. i want to see it myself so that when we do the movement in baguio we know what to do…

    im 1000 percent interested and want to be involved!


  2. i want to join in this activities’ uhaw aq sa mga gantong samahan’ i want to serve the lord but i dont know how,. im a member of a dance group,. nahihiya nga ako kay God kc sa iba ko nagagamit ang aking talent pero sa kanya hindi q pa magawa’ i want to serve him’ nag stop muna q sa dancing because im studying now,. sana magka.chance na magamit nya ang talent q,. Godbless po

  3. Hi Ivan, wd like you to email us at barkadahan@wagmuna.com.

    Tell us something about yourself, are you a student? how you can help us? And things that will get to know you.

    Or if you have time visit us in our office Metrobank bldg Ortigas Center Pasig City

  4. Hi Franco,

    It’s me Jesse 🙂 i’d still would love to volunteer for TLW, especially in the Speaking,counselling and literature part. Well, just dropping by.



  5. Hello! I just knew about your group today, through a classmate who’s inviting me to the Strategic Planning here in Cebu this Friday.

    I want to help in spreading the news of what purity can do in our lives. I do blogging as my pasttime, and I hope it will do. Is there a way I can help?

    God bless!

  6. Hi..

    I am 24yrs old, working. I am a worship leader and a youth leader in our church (Jesus is Alive Community).. I would like to volunteer in speaking and/or counseling.

    Please help me help you. Thanks.


  7. jericho mendoza

    wow it’s so cool i want to join youre tlw volunteer it’s so cool to be here……praise GOD!!!!!!! ingats lagi GOD BLESs!!!

  8. hi! Iwould like to volunteer. I am 17 years old a youth leader from Maranatha Community of Praise. I was overwhelmed by the TLW seminar at our school. I can be a marshall or a counselor. Thanks!

    More power TLW!!!

    God bless!!!

  9. i am a youth leader and i want to be a part of this organization..thanks and God bless!!!

  10. I am from Galilean Fundamental Christian Baptist Church, Bagong Silang Caloocan i want to be a volunteer, for me to share to other young people!!!

  11. ancore! paredes

    halu kuya D., ree.. team TLW!

    how about starting a twitter account as well?

    just a thought..

    i hope to visit you this coming friday morning.. 🙂


  12. coming soon..
    sorry i did not respond after receiving the letter
    i was scared to try..=(

  13. there are so great,their advce was so very optism 2all of the teenagers out there!!!
    there was happen in san narciso,cysthal beach on zambales city,to our “youth”camp on “sinag youth camp 09”

  14. hi ms. leslie i sent to you an e-mail already regarding my desire to become a certified TLW ‘kada!;) can’t wait to finally meet you guys and share my stand on chastity and its great reward!;)

    i’ll see you real soon!;)God bless us all!

  15. gelius b mendoza

    i really want to be part of the program you where all guys involved even if I never attented your seminars and out reach program iam really excited to be part of that…..

  16. Hi to all staff of the TLW! I’m very glad meeting you guys. Thanks for the warm welcome leslie, amy, ate ree, and kuya franco. It such a great time to talked to you all and its really a blessing that you all have a big heart to the youth. I’ll see you again at the “Waiting Day”.. please text or email me. GOd bless you.

    In Christ,

  17. Paul, nice meeting you too! Thanks for your insight about the TV show and your eagerness to help out. -Ami

  18. Hanns Christoff

    Hi..im very interested to be a part of TLW volunteer… im very very interested in sharing the word of God to the youth… 🙂 especially now, that mostly our youth today has gone astray… 🙂 im very interested!! i want serve the Lord through this. 🙂

  19. Hello!

    Once again, the Lord showed me He is the God of perfect timing! I just had a talk with the President of our Youth Group and he asked me to lead the TLW series for the group this August. I am honored and I am excited kase this is really one of my passion, to encourage the youth to live a life of purity.

    I would love to volunteer for the “wagmuna” movement! i am a cellgroup leader, a worship leader and i think i have a gift of organization/administration and teaching 🙂

    I would love to get connected with other TLW leaders for connection and support.

    Thanks and may the Lord smile as we serve Him.


  20. are you still looking for youth volunteers? i want to offer myself as volunteers to help also my fellow youth to raise up for purity and holiness in..

    Godbless.. Thanks..

  21. hello.
    I’ve been so blessed by the testimonies and the discussions that you have.. I hope this campaign will last long.. to God be the glory.. Hope there’ll be another one next year.. 😀

  22. where to download or else we can listen the truelovewaits themesong and the songs of AHAVA especially the wag muna ngayon song?

  23. …………………………………….GOD BLESSS……………………………………………………………………..

  24. Honey lyn A.Campomanes

    i’m one of the participants who attend the true love waits seminar held at water front hotel & i’m a student from CSCST……i’m so very thankful to all of you who facilitate the seminar,i’ve really learn a lot,and now every second in my life i always put jesus in my life & truely waits 4 a real person 4 me. 4 d ryt tym & in a ryt place.,.,from that seminar i was able to share to my fellow students about the TLW & how it is very important to waits,.,.thank a lot,.hope to see to all of u..& i’m wiling to become as one of the TLW VOLUNTEER,,,,GOD BLESS TO ALL OF YOU,………….

  25. Nelle Karl P. Roz

    hi TLW Admin.,i was able to attend TLW campaign here in Cebu through Ptr. Apol and Ate Betina Malait.,I really wanted to help you guys in ways i believe im good at
    (smiling)hehe. Last year we were able to re-echo the TLW Seminar @ Surigao del Sur on our camp with the help of Ptr. Apol and Ate Betina. I am the present president of SALIG YOUTH ORGANIZATION (Surigao Association Living In Godliness) and member of Praise and Worship in MCF – Cebu. .At present, im working as a Nurse in Adela Serra Ty Memorial Medical Center, Surigao..My gift is really on administration but God added some talents on playing instruments and speaking. In any areas you’re lacking of, it will be a pleasure for me to be part of the ministry that had entrusted you!.,.stay blessed guys..”

  26. Joining TLW invites you to have fun as well while serving God. We cannot eliminate fun tho. God wants us to enjoy as well while we discover who he is and serving others.

    Thanks AJ!

  27. i want to volunteer please let me know if you have events, i can help. Especially on Graphic Design, Layouting, making website layout stuff…

    email me if you receive this message:)

    hope to work with you all guys.

    Thank you,

    Andrew Min

  28. are u still looking for volunteers?? guston ko po kc mging volunteer ng TLC Philippines because it is my calling to God to serve youths for the expansion of their knowledge through sexual matters and to be an instrument for the raising up of youth for the purity and holiness in..

    Thanx and Godbless

  29. roy allan villareal

    gusto ko po maging Production assistant or khit mag soundtech more on monitoring and leveling lng po sa
    pag se2t-up nman po kelangan ko pa ng training hehehe much better if TLW will train me anyways I Volunteer not for my agenda but for the kingdom agenda of our one and only personal lord and saviour Jesus Christ more power on TLW

  30. I’m Jay, I follow a straight-edge lifestyle, but hindi ibig sabihin nun war freak ako. I just hate drugs, smoke, alcohol, and most of all premarital sex. I want to join, pero parang malayo yung area nyo sa amin.

    But i’ll try my best to join

    Live at the edge of life, and take the straight path to it.

  31. nku . wow . wen i heard this. mas naging strong ung LOVE ko para kay GOd . ! 😀 T.L.W. more power. and god bless .

  32. im from davao . .
    willing po talaga ako na mag join
    gusto ko ng ganitong mga organization
    like others want gusto ko rin mag served ky God.
    i think makakatulong cguro ang pag kanta jan lng cguro ako magaling..hehe

  33. hii pu gus2 ko pu
    maging volunteer ng TLW
    isa pu acu dun sa mga
    sponsor ng st
    vincent foundation
    n 2ruan nio pu
    about sa true love
    i’m paulyn from qc

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