TLW w/ American Association of the Philippines

God so Loved the World.

True Love Waits with American Association of the PhilippinesHe gave Jesus to save us.
Coconut Golf

Writing a Poem

Writing A Loveletter with my Future Mate.Swimming in God's Love

Taking the Plunge

As high as the Heavens is my Love for you.

Take a Hike at Mount Basiling

Where there is Love there is Unity

Green Apple Team

Where there is Love there is Peace

Orange Lemon Team

These are some of the happenings when we were at Rizal Recreation Center. God says we ought to Love one another regardless.






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  1. We are a parachurch organization of the Churches of Christ in the Philippines. The MMCYF stands for Metro Manila Christian Youth Fellowship. We hope that we could afford to have TRUE LOVE WAITS Seminar as one of our activity. Please keep in touch. God Bless You

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