TLW w/ Sambahang Kristiyano ng Marulas

Give Me Five!

We had a training at Samabahang Kristiyano ng Marulas last April 13 Friday and we had a blast just talking about love and their experiences. We challenge them to share their God-given talent and wisdom they acquired during that workshop. Everytime we have a training we as facilitators doesn’t necessarily knows if we are impacting their lives and that’s ok coz our goal is for them to now that God sees their heart and He wants to be involved in their lovelife. We will be praying for your upcoming camp and just remember “You’re all worth it!”


SMK making a difference!





15 thoughts on “TLW w/ Sambahang Kristiyano ng Marulas”

  1. uy! thats me… wow amazing!!! ^^ this has been an incredible day with you guys. praying for you everyday.

  2. Haha! We were blessed really!
    THanks for sharing God’s true love with all of us.
    TLW rocks!

  3. Hey Jem,

    What blesses me most is blessing other people.

    Thanks for sharing all of your heart…. thats what hearts are for.

    If I see you on the street I will say….”there is the girl who was honest before God”.

    YOur Friend,

    Kuya Derek

  4. Kuya Derek,

    Thank you for being an instrument of God’s love. Most importantly, thank you for lending an ear and judging me not. If you would be needling my service I would definitely make myself available for God. I would like to testify how He has touched and changed my life, if it’s not too much, I would like to send you an article?

  5. Thank you for coming guys, TEKA WAG MUNA!! wait until God says Go..this is your time. Jem, you ae special and God loves you..We are here for you friend.

    God Bless all of Us..

    kai and K.D. You are Gods wonderful people. Keep on moving guys.

    Big Thanks!

  6. huh! God is really amazing! thank you for being willing to be used by God, and iam personally blessed. your labor is not in vain. maraming salamat po… God will continue to bless you kuya derek and ate kai.

  7. Hey Shelia!! Thanks also to you for yur life. Just share the truth about choosing with other youth. We can multiply ourselves.


  8. this training was and is still a blessing for all of us, personally i am very much blessed by the both of you (kuya derek & ate kai) for devoting your life in leading the youth to what God has planned for them… being a nanay to 7 makukulit na youth, this “love thing” has always been a topic/prob for them, and the seminar helped me a lot on how to get through them… i am so thankful… may God continually bless your ministry… you have been sent to touch many lives…tnx

  9. wow!…Its me Hehehe!
    ANyways thank u for the seminar about
    I was really blessed….
    Thank u again….and I hope that u can
    come back to our church….
    u WE MISS U GUY’s….


  10. Hey! Derek here,….thanks. We really enjoyed being with you guys…. Jem sharing really touched all of us. She is a blessing. God just wants us to be open and honest. Not perfection like most people think. Pursing perfection is ok but God does expect that we will be perfect. Siya lang

  11. Hi all,

    Until now, I am in a state of bliss and amazement how God’s hands genuinely work wonders. A day with you guys have eased 24 years of pain and burden that has ripped my sense of self and confidence. I am very much at peace knowing that real love never keeps any record of wrong, always trusts, hopes and perseveres. You guys have given me so much courage to face the world strong and happily.

    Kuya Derek and Kai, I admire your personal conviction to be of service to the Lord and ever thankful that you are preaching wisely as you lend an ear to everyone else’s life stories, without any sign of condemnation. May God give you enough strength to keep going cause you two are saving lives of so many young people who are at the moment blinded by stereotypes.

    To SMK Youth Leaders, may you have a very meaningful and successful camp. I will pray that you inspire more people in the community to take their own step to self-healing as they aim for chastity and purity while waiting for their One True Love to come.

    To God be the Glory.

    Guys I am just around and hopefully, our first meeting wouldn’t be the last. God bless you all. I am okay and life has ever been kind. God is good and right now, I am in a state of waiting and preparing myself for that man, He has specially designed just for me. I am in a process of healing but I hold God’s promise as true that He would let my heart, like liver, regenerate and be at its best condition before I exchange vows in the altar.

    I love you guys, and that certainly comes from my heart. Take care you all. I would appreciate hearing from you soon. Gracey, see you at the office!!! 🙂

  12. ate jem….nakakaaliw ka…nabblessed ako sa buhay mo, alam mo bang nakakatouch ang pagsshare mo ng buhay mo kasi u confide caring less kung sino man ang nakikinig sau, inopen mo ang puso mo sa min, and we are honored to see how God shine His light upon you, onti lng ang tao na totoo sa sarili niya… sana makasama ka din sa camp… see you soon!!! mahal kita kapatid!!

  13. Hi guys,

    Bakit ka ba single? This is the question that the people around me is asking..May problema ba sau? Or may problema ka sa kanila? After attending the seminar,,kayo nyo bang sagutin ..WHY ARE SINGLE??

    Ikaw Kai..Why are you single?

  14. We’re single cos God’s preparing something really, really special. Sobrang personalised kaya packaging is taking longer than usual 🙂 then He would have it personally delivered pa! Amazing… we just haffta wait patiently.

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