Today’s Music Videos: Highly Styled Pornography?

(The Christian Institute) Singer Annie Lennox says some pop videos have become “highly styled pornography with musical accompaniment,” and should be subject to an age-rating system.

She said impressionable young girls are already facing a “tidal wave of sexualized imagery” but the music industry is continuing to push sexual boundaries. The Aberdeen-born singer said that if a performer has “an audience of impressionable young fans and they want to present a soft porn video or highly sexualized live performance, then it needs to qualify as such and be X rated for adults only”.

Speaking to the BBC Annie Lennox also said the issue was about caring for children: “I don’t think there’s one parent of young boys and girls in this country that would honestly, comfortably say they were fine with seeing their kids being exposed to that kind of thing.”

“I think this debate is about getting the voice of reason back there to say ‘look, we want to protect our kids.’” She commented that while she has “nothing against” artists who had performed highly sexualized routines, they need to be “age-appropriate.”

Recently pop stars including Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have been criticized for their dance routines. In 2011, actress Jennifer Saunders criticized the sexual content of music videos, saying: “I don’t think it helps society”.

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Do you think that today’s music videos are highly sexualized? If the government will subject videos to age-rating system, will it help protect children from being exposed prematurely to sexual content?

5 thoughts on “Today’s Music Videos: Highly Styled Pornography?”

  1. Martin Buenaventura Zalavarria

    high levels of sexual imagery are present in popular music videos.the most common form of sexual imagery portrayed was ‘sexually suggestive non-dance movements’ with 80% of music videos displaying this behaviour. this was followed by provocative clothing, sexual suggestive dance movements, and emphasis on body parts which were both present of videos analysed. to conclude, there are many possible paths to explore with regards to the sexualisation of young people and the suggestions made can form the basis of a dissertation.

  2. It’s good that you open this discussion, I hope it will be brought to the congress asap. As a sister of a 4 year old girl and an aunt of an infant, I’m not just uncomfortable but I pity the generation to come if this trend of low-moral videos and double meaning lyrics will continue. I believe that as a community we have to do something about it. If not for us, then for the next generation.

  3. i just remembered bringing my 8-year old daughter to our christmas party and the videoke was playing Dance with Me (J.Lo and Pitbull)……i told the videoke operator to just select videos that are appropriate to my child……… Even my daughter, knew the video was not for her. Parents have to be on guard, everywhere. If the government can regulate this, thats better. If establishments and parents can support and implement this, that’s best.

  4. I really wish the government would regulate this! In Korea, they’re very strict when it comes to evaluating their music videos. Whenever I watch one of their videos, it has an age rating from the very start of the video.

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