True Love – Lost and Found

Many think TrueLoveWaitsPh is for those who have nobody and are waiting in the Lost and Found of eternal singleness. Actually, TrueLoveWaitsPh is about being busy doing Kingdom work, waiting on eternal true love, and helping people Pursue Purity In Christ.

The Team at TrueLoveWaitsPh has a friend from Hong Kong – Roger Lam, author, speaker investment banker, father and husband. We met Roger at a gathering of like minded leaders who’s focus is having an eternal perspective.

In Roger’s first book Lost and Found – Money vs Riches the opening pages are “Money Is Important”. Studies repeatedly show that financial security is the single biggest worry that most of us have. Yet when we are asked to list the most important things in our lives, we don’t even put money in the top ten. We worry about money way too much, and at the same time, we don’t think about it nearly enough – not deeply enough. Money should be in our head but not in our heart.

Some authors write – if you give your money away God blesses you now, which is false. Others writers say be wise with how we spend our money now, which is important but still limited. Roger is writing about being generous, giving your money away to help a cause. However, most people don’t want to do that, because yes, money is close to our hearts.

Whether you’re a true love waits volunteer, in an exclusive relationship, your single or you just follow our blog and social media, investing your money in the lives of others is an expression of your love for God.

Reading Roger’s first book, my thought was True Love – Lost and Found… because our greatest need is letting go of things that temporarily capture our hearts. People think that Jesus said that we need to learn to love ourselves before we can express love for others. Most people don’t need encouragement to love themselves, it comes naturally and we are fluent at that love language.

When it comes to finding true love, or what we do with our money, we don’t trust God.

People never say it but most people operate by the love of ourselves and work hard to make our lives good. We enter relationships with our own agenda and we spend our money in places where we think it benefits us the most. At the lost and found of humanity, there you will find a large number of generous gifts that remain unused.

Lost and Found by Roger Lam is about money. But the truth is that whatever you treaure the most, there you will find your heart. The TrueLoveWaitsPh vision is to help people get to the root cause of our problem. We are doomed to failure in our relationships and sexuality when we have a wrong view of love. If we love ourselves most, then that is where we spend our money.

At 13 Roger’s journey began when his father was removed from the family business in Hong Kong which moved the family to Canada where he pursued academic success. Following College, only age 22 he worked at a Swiss Bank as Associate Director and became Director by age 25. In 2003 the success turned as he was bypassed in a promotion, and with an engagement ring picked out, his girlfriend suddenly broke up!

Repeatedly rejecting invitations to bible studies, now Roger responded and joined a small group.

You’ll have to read Roger’s book to get the full story of his transformation but here is one more major point. God allowed Roger to grow in his knowledge of who God is, he became involved in the work of the church but still his greatest weakness was money because he loved himself more than he loved others. A journey from slavery to mastery is the subtitle of Lost and Found. Money is now Roger’s strength because he knows God’s purpose for it. His investments are not centered on self but impacting others.

In his book Roger tells the story of hearing a message on tithing, the speaker said “start small” – he did with 1%, but then 2%, then 5% and eventually 10%.

On Roger’s journey he grew he served in his church, co-heading a stewardship ministry, tithing lots. He became aware of a church member who had become in trouble with loan sharks and had 72 hours to pay. Two bible verses came to mind – Gal 6:2 “carry each other’s burdens” Gal 6:10 “to do good to all people, especially those who belong to the family of believers”. In obedience, Roger responded by writing a check for the whole amount, which was the equivalent to two years salary of this person. This was a zero interest loan for 5 years. After some period of time with delayed payment or nonpayment, the debtor could not pay. Roger canceled the debt, valuing relational reconciliation as a higher goal than reclaiming the money lent.

At true love waits the canceled debts we speak about are the wrongs that we have done that God the creator will generously forgive. Whether you cannot remember any wrong you have done or your friends and family are not aware of the the mistakes you have made or you somehow are unaware that something is against God’s law, there is still a debt. According to God’s word, someone must pay the debt or it’s bad news for you. The good news is that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for your sin and his righteousness is freely given to you. To know more about this forgiveness, please contact the team through our site.

We are excited to share some of the story of Roger Lam and promote his two books and the third book coming soon. Roger will be in Manila December 6-9, 2019 and TrueLoveWaitsPh will be helping publish his book in the Philippines hopefully by January 1, 2020. If you would like to buy his book, we will have copies for sale @ P300 for his first book. We are planning some workshops for churches or youth groups to equip leaders on generosity. Contact us iPhone +639178627335 or on social media truelovewaitsph