True Love Never Gets Old


A few days ago was “Grandparents’ Day.” It’s the day we honor Lolo and Lola who bore our parents and in many cases have also helped our parents raise us. Young people today would often gush at old couples who hold hands while walking in malls or parks. Their skin is aged and sagging but their relationship as husband and wife seem more alive than the young loves we see in tv and movies. “Aww! Sweet old couple! Sana ganun din ako someday.”

Most of the time we take the kilig picture in romantic comedy films/tv series and place it on old couples we see in real life. We only think of the wedding day and how beautiful it would be—but barely do we dwell on what happens in the days of the next fifty years (or so) of a marriage. I’ve talked to elderly couples and dreamy-eyed teenagers would do well to listen to them. These couples never arrived on their 5th or 10th year anniversary without terrible fights. There were days when they woke up beside their spouse and asked themselves, “Did I make the right decision?” There were just days when there wasn’t any love at all.

Grandparents who’ve kept their marriage strong did not have daily sweet lovey dovey moments. What these lolos and lolas have that made their relationship last for so long is the understanding of marriage, and the vows they promised to fulfill during their wedding day some decades ago. Marriage is a covenant that God ordained between one man and woman to last for a lifetime. It is not guided by spur of the moment feelings but by understanding that it’s a union of two imperfect people who will support and care for each other despite the absence of passionate emotions.

To all grandparents who’ve kept their marriage throughout the long years of joy, laughter, tears, and pain, we salute you. You are a picture of True Love that never gets old. May God continue to bless your marriage with more years. Happy Grandparents’ Day!