True Love Waits Events

TLW Philippines has provided different events and activities in schools, parish, churches or even on malls to promote sexual purity as a way of worshiping God. We would like to hear from you if you have already joined or participated on the events we have done. Your experience is highly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “True Love Waits Events”

  1. i had tlw seminar at my local church and i should say the whole time with them is great! all the inputs are beneficial… and personally, i think they help me justify my decision of being single up to now… i dont have any boyfriend since birth, but you know sometimes also wish i have a boyfriend like others…yeah.. i also do wish i have one especially during the seasons of december and february, but the time i spent with them made me realiazed that its best for me not to have one at this time and it helps me realized that singleness is indeed a wonderful blessing! you know, i should not rush things out, and wait patiently for the special someone that God had prepared for me….but for the mean time when he’s not yet around…. i think i should enjoy my relationship with my FIRST LOVE, get to know HIM more deeper, more intimately, and learn how He loves unconditionally before i start sharing myself to others…… 🙂

  2. Thanks YEYE!

    We want to hear more from you.

    How is your singleness going?

    We know its difficult with all the people around you having relationships.

    Just wait for the right time and right person.

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