True Love Weds

Often times, some people would ask the question, “If I will choose to wait for True Love, hanggang kelan ako maghihintay?” The perspective of waiting is more than waiting. It is not a passive process but it should be an active process. This is a great opportunity to grow maturely in different aspects of life.

Moreoever, I think the best way to answer that question is through this video interview we had with Martin & Barbie Almalbis. The couple waited not only for what their hearts were saying but what God said according to His perfect time. As Ree Soria, TLW staff, would always say, ” The right person at the right time is the BEST person. And the right person & time can only come from GOD.

21 thoughts on “True Love Weds”

  1. ayyiii.. 🙂
    an cheesyy naman nun.. haha
    kakainlab.. kakatuwa nmn ng lab story nila. i hope i can have the same thing too.
    i will faithfully wait, i will grow and matured first.. i will enjoy the love of god for me..
    sooner i will find “the only one”. ailabyoo lord..

  2. When your Destiny becomes too big for you,

    God raises up somebody to share it with…

    Thank God for that Somebody…??

  3. grabe,, sobrang na-inspire po ako sa love story nila..



    weeee.=)) nkaka blessed..

  4. great..ang ganda..i always browse this really help sa life inyo.

    ..May God continue bless and prosper your heart.GO GO FOR GOD…love you all

  5. ..can i ask something….

    …ok lang ba na magpromise ka sa isang taon na sya yong pakakasalan mo after 5 years…pero sa 5years na iyon ay dapat may stable job kana at natulongan mo yong family mo…

    ,,and ok lang ba ang magpakasal ang isang babae sa edad na 24 samantala yong lalaki is 34..?

    and naniniwala po ba kau sa kasabihan na pagtumatanda ang babae o lalaki e bumababa ang pananaw nila sa mga partners nila?..kahit christian sila..?….

    salamat poh…and God bless you!

  6. this is soo inspiring.. *waiting*
    very timely..
    it’s everyone’s dilemna in your youth community right now..
    everyone seems to be in a hurry..
    this is one great testimony to share..
    GODbless you more and more favor from HIM for sharing this wonderful things.. =)”

  7. asked ko lng paanu kung yung inasahan mu pinagpray-pray mo guys hindi siya yung kalooban ng Lord pero mahal mo….

  8. pero mahal na mahal mo parang ang hirap isip at umasa kahit na kapwa mo christian na yung guys single nmn un nga lang mtanda sa akin ng 15yrs pero pinag pra-pray ko plang…………..

  9. wow is nice kakakilig hopely and God will n mkkakita din aq ng Guy 2lad ng patner n barbie nice guy and mpag mhal sa Lord nawa mrmi pa relatiomship ang mbless s lovestory neo Godbless……………

  10. Then follow what Christ is saying to you. The Bible clearly says that those who claim to be His disciple are walking and obeying Him at the same time.

  11. i agree! the right person comes in the right time and aun ung BEST person.i do pray that GOD gave me that ONE. 🙂 Godbless

  12. When your Destiny becomes too big for you,
    God raises up somebody to share it with…

    Thanks God for that Somebody…help me while waiting for him??

    their love story is really inspiring..TRUE LOVE WEDS!

  13. Wel. that’s true and I really believe in that na TRUE LOVE CAN WAIT TALAGA! and GOD will give you the right person in the very right time… FERVENT PRAYER and being sensitive xa direction ni God. Let HIS wil be done not ours..
    ..Gaya ng love story ng parents ko nakakainspire…

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