14 thoughts on “TRUTH Presentation @ Holy Rosary College”

  1. John Philips Nufable

    Hi! Hello! The presentation was great, SUPER. I’ve learned a lot about other people’s lives since I don’t bully people around, I don’t ‘drink’ and do drugs and I not the person who is overpowered by a lot of problems. Though, it is sad for me and for some students that the students that really needed a wake-up call, didn’t attend the presentation. (The students were not completely complete during the presentation. Others were absent, etc. Though, there were only a few like about five to six or something. I only know about two) On the bright side a lot us felt a sense of joy and a sense of.. fun. Anyway, I felt a great sense of relief and I don’t know why. Well, thank you guys from coming to our school. It was a pleasure and do come next time. I hope to see you guys again when I go to college (I’d be going to DLSU Canlubang) Once more, thank you, arigato! (Please make a topic on ‘strangers’ or ‘others’ and more on love. Example, guy has a crush on girl but he sees her as not the one that he will love but he sees her as an admiration)
    P.S. I’ve got an answer to the last question earlier (what’s the definition of love)
    Love cannot live where there is no trust.
    Last time ko na kayo makikita, graduate na ako, eh. Again, come back next time. I know that we will greet you with open arms.

  2. HAHAHA :)) gleng nio po .. sna merun p ulet n2 d2 HOLY ROSARY .. favorite part co ung pinakita ung vid ng MAHAL KITA KASI :)) haha

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