21 thoughts on “UNASHAMED CEBU Conference”

  1. sheila mae caparos(from fatima national highschool)

    …..ang layu layo nah ng narating nio ahh….

    sAnAh nAman PoH aY bUmAlIk pA pO kayU diTo sAh gEnsAN>>>BOnGGa…liPad GENsan!!!

    tRuE loVes WAit…!!gO gO gO!!!

    gOd bLess pOh aLwaYZ!!!

  2. i pray for the success of this conference…. i hope i’ll be there…godbless you all guys………

  3. ancore! paredes

    sayang!! i will be in singapore from ’til october.. hope to see you guys when i get back.

  4. Jan Vicon Cerbo

    Maayo unta nga maka-apil ko ani. Mahal ra ba ang ticket. Tag-300. Sige lang. I will pray until something happens.

  5. i am always a fan of ‘true love waits’ campaign. i never had any boyfriend ever since i was born. i am 19 years old right now and i am still single. it was really sad because many times i fell love and many times i failed in love as well. that’s why when i knew about God’s message in ‘true love waits’, i really promised to myself that i will stop my searching and i will let God to make his own special way. i am willing to wait and im still hoping that one day, i going to meet my SOULMATE. =)

  6. i am actuall very excited fot this conference. This is truly a great movement to not just focus on one’s purity but most of all see God’s perfect HOLINESS that would cause us to live holy lives as well. In a world that is corrupted with media and entertainment, the youth would not want to live holy lives. Teenagers would be so caught up with their emotions thinking about how beautiful marriage would be if they stay pure, if they abstain from sex and all. But what should really be focused is God’s glory because before knowing this still is about self. So i really pray this conference would focus on HIS glory and holiness and not just another ‘about self’ the dos and donts conference which i know is notü so i urge everyone to join. This is the first step to understanding God’s standard of perfection.

  7. so the conference was over.. it was such a nice conference.. sad to say we ran out of time and i wasn’t given an opportunity to have my question entertained..but God is always good, i hope in the near future, this ministry will go in such a boom..

  8. i attended the seminar yesterday, and it really made me remember what i committed to before. I made a mistake and now i want to start over. THANK YOU TLW for coming to CEBU! there really are no accidents. This past few days have been great! (because i also attended DR. MORRIS CERRULO’s conference) many many revelations! my faith in God was renewed. 2009 really is a new beginning for me! to GOD be the glory!

  9. hello poh! I attended the conference yesterday and it was so good and a success!! I learned many things from it!! Im a teacher in one of the private schools here in cebu and i was lucky that i was assigned to accompany my third years.. Im still 21 and got a problem on how to do the counselling with my third years. Ive been away from my family since 15,so i really dont have any idea on how to deal with young relationships. i had boyfriends before and never been serious with any of them.. and so i know nothing on how to deal with my 2 students right now who are into “MU”. i know that they are too young for this but i dont know how to address and counsel them.can you help me?God must have sent your team to me! 🙂

  10. Congratulations for that successful event (TLW Conference). Though I wasn’t able to really witness the whole event from morning ’til afternoon, pero base on what I was able to witness,hehe it was great! and it actually hit me. Sana may next time pa, and still sa Cebu para it would be an assurance na I could really join and di lang half-day, pero whole-day na! 🙂 Thank you TLW team 🙂

  11. I thank the Lord for using your team to bless us. I am one of those people who attended the conference. It is my prayer that God will continue to use the team for His greater glory…….and for the expansion of His kingdom….. Thank you so much and God bless,

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