Ungratefully grateful…

Hey people send me your list of 10 things you are grateful about in your life:


Kai here and this is my top 10 list of things I am grateful for everyday:

1. God

2. My weird but lovable family.

3. My job, my work, my ministry, my boss=TLW. (free b-fast, lunch, dinner and driver and travel sometimes!)

4. Friends here and abroad..good laugh!

4. Ukay-ukay for my clothes. My pillow. My tsinelas.

5. Beautiful blue clouds and nice orange sunset (sometimes) flowers and nice afternoon.

6. Kilawin and Barbeque and Jollibee and Megamall grocery store.And ulam when I go home from work.

7. Bus driver whose fast but careful in EDSA (so I’m not late).

8. Some internet sites, some tv shows, some songs,some books, cellphone (na naka-scothtape).

9. Comments on the blog I did.

10. Me, Myself and I. and more……





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  1. 1. energized every morning because I know somethimg wonderful will gonna happen to me that day because God is always on my side.

    2. my inspiring books, worships songs and inspiring videos of Bo Sanchez

    3. good health

    4. beautiful creation of God like sun, clouds, blue sky, wind, birds, etc…

    5. my family, friends and co-worker

    6. my kind professor and classmates

    7. my work (dealing with so many diff. costumers. sometimes they are crazy)

    8. expiriences either good or bad

    9. texting and chatting with my friends through friendster

    10. servant of God (I know He loves me so much)

  2. 1.m kei GOD coz!! he still gave me an opportunity to thank him and to serve him!!
    2.sA wieRd at pSaway qng fAmily!hehehe
    3.sA manamahal qng SmlErs at “aTe EspiE” (mga kpatid q s pnnmplAtAya!)
    4. x mga pSawAy qNg cLassM8S!! mga eklAboo dW! hehe kulEt!!
    5. x mGa tEacheRs qng mGulo! dmiNg ixu!

  3. 6. x taLenT n bNgaY niA xkIn as a sOnG liDeR!!

    7. x mGa mSSrap n FuD n bNbgay niA eVeRyDaY!! (financial blessings)

    8. x wIsdoM nb bNbGay niA xKin!!(khIt tmAd aQ!!”lalo nx maTh”! hehehe!!

    9. x gbGb nMinG boNdIng aT feLLowShip!! anG xyA2!! dAiLy dAmi qNg ntU2naN~~

    10. xemPwe cOz d nIa n Q pNbaBayaan x lHat ng oRas, miNuto,SeguNdO aT arAw nG lYf q!!!

  4. 1.GOD
    7.wisdom from GOD
    8.the leadership ability that He has given me.
    10.my life, myself and everything in it.

  5. Jesus’s Sacrifice, Heaven, For Creating me as I am, Giving me a loving family, Being with my fellow Christians, giving me talents for his glorification, Giving me a matured perspective in life (even im still young), And Much much more.. Hirap lang magisip ng 10… ehehee

  6. 1. my God
    2. my loving family
    3. my on the go and quirky friends
    4. my cell group
    5. my leaders
    6. volunteer work
    7. life’s little lessons and surprises (general. dami e)
    8. bargains
    9. unplanned adventures (general din. various sorts kasi)
    10. second chances (and third, and fourth…)

  7. 1. God Himself
    2. Holy Spirit guiding me inside
    3. Family who supported me from the start
    4. The GIFT that God has entrusted me
    5. Inspiring music that makes my day Boom!
    6. My Christian family (TOP, churchmates, templeofpraisemusic, YoungChristiansforChrist)
    7. Band mates (goodsteward band)
    8. My teachers classmates blah, blah, blah
    9. My stuff (drum set)

  8. 1.xempre po kay GOD
    2.kasi naprove ko na totoo pla talaga si GOD and di niya ko iiwanan kahit kailan
    3.sa wisdom na binigay skin ni GOD
    4.sa church po na kinabibilangan ko
    5.sa family ko..
    6.sa aking mga friendships
    7.sa araw-araw na pinahihiram sakin ni GOD
    8.sa mom kong napakamapagmahal..
    9.sa talent ko po sa music..naks
    10. and sa pagvisit ng true love waits with julianne sa school namin..tnx

  9. 1. GOd,,for all that HE is and for all He had done to my life!
    2. my imperfect life with a constant GOD
    3. my asteeging pamilya.
    4. my super kuleet friends and relatives
    5. my skills and talents(my peculiarities)
    6. happy and simple moments with the special persons of my life
    7. life lessons
    8. sources of wisdom(BIBLE, bo sanchez’s books, PDL, Our Daily Bread
    9. TLW(another food to our souls) =)
    10. strangers (they can touch my life)

  10. this is a n!ce bLog 🙂
    mine are:
    1. God and His unfailing Love, Grace and Discipline (I can’t be what I am without Him)
    2. My biological family (nanay, tatay and my 4 siblings: I owe a lot to them)
    3. My own famiLy (my husbAnd,my firstborn and the baby inside me: they inspire me)
    4.My friendshiPs (kahit magkakalayo na kami, i remember them always and the memories never fail to make me laugh and cry)
    5.My education (I’m grateful that I was able to finish coLLege)
    6. Inspiring peopLe (people like you in TWL whom i do not know but inspires me)
    7.The sunset (I have been blessed with another day)
    8.The trees (I love seeing trees, they seem so strong inspite of the harshness of time)
    9.Birds(the tunes they play are music to my ears)
    10.Food (Love eating and cooking)

  11. 1. God and my relationship w/ Him
    2. Freedom to worship Him
    3. Everyday blessings
    4. Family
    5. My pastor & Church Family
    6. Ministry
    7. Friends
    8. Talent in technology
    9. God’s Wisdom
    10. Having my purity ring… (TLW)

  12. 1. the unconditional love of GOD

    2. my life, that god never leaves and forsake me since birth

    3. my family

    4. my church family and friends

    5. my talent- i thank god that i can dance

    6. my ministry and my adings…

    7. my schooling

    8. my kikay kit,..haay

    9. to the food i eat and the dress i wear..

    10 And my past, present and future…

  13. 1.God
    2. my family
    3. my friends
    7.rice and ulam
    8.my pets, plants and all the living things
    9.our home
    10.my self

  14. well, to be honest, these are my top 10 :
    1.) GOD : the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.
    2.) Life and Myself
    3.) Primary Needs : Food, Air, Shelter, Clothes…
    4.) Family : mother,father,younger sis.,lil bro. nd our ANGEL little bro.
    5.) relatives, friends, teachers, peers, mates and all those i’ve learned of.
    6.) my skils, talents and abilities
    7.) nature: it makes me relax sometimes esp. if im on the roof deck
    8.) technology
    9.) MUSIC
    10.) social networks


  15. Mary Jane F. Isiderio

    for me
    1. My relationship with God (His unfailing love) to the highest level, He is the source of my strength
    2. Challenging family (by blood and by spirit)
    3. My true friends (co teachers, students and relatives)
    4. having freedom to do what i want to
    5. having good health
    6. my job ( source of my income )
    7. FOODS (sarap talagang kumain)
    8. being small and having complete body parts
    9. the opportunity to teach science
    10. to my neighbors…… =)

  16. 1. i am a princess. I am God’s daughter.
    2. I am me. no one is like me.
    3. my family, of course.
    4. my studies. i am taking m.a. i am still young, okay..
    5. i have a job which is unstressful.
    6. my friends are there for me.
    7, i get to eat more than three times a day. others don’t.
    8. my prayers are answered !! always.
    9. i get to read this inspiring book of francis kong..
    10. many people pray for me.

  17. 1.GOD.. (HIS unconditional love.. HIS immeasurable love for us that cannot compare to anybody..)
    2.My FAMILY.. (i can’t live without them.. they are so precious to me.. i will treasure them forever!!)
    4.My STUDIES.. I’m proud to be a psychologist!! ahoo!!ahoo!!
    5.My MUSIC MINISTRY..my talents that GOD has given to me..
    (singing,playing guitar & piano,& teaching sundayschool..)
    6.MY FRIENDS & MY CO-FELLOWSHIP in our church and my classmates.. (I can’t live without them.. mawala lang ang lalake wag lang sila hehehe!!)
    7.KWENTUHAN WITH MY PARENTS..they were my bestfriend.. sharing my secrets with them.
    9.READING THE BLOGS OF TLW.. it really helps me alot..

  18. wow inspiring naman^_^

    2.MY SELF co’z kung wla aq hindi ko mapapahalagahan ang iba…
    6.MGA TEACHERS q kc kung wla cla wla aqng ma222nan…
    10.last but not the least UNG MGA BANDS NA PABORITO KO…

  19. 1. God
    2. For the talent that God gave me in the field of sports (soccer/football)
    3. For having a loving teacher
    4. For having a loving and understanding mom
    5. For having a loving family
    6. For having a special set of friends
    7. For the time that God gave me to teach and minister children through sports
    8. For giving me a loving girlfriend
    9. For giving me and Ipod as my birthday present 🙂
    10. For giving me a Bestfriend for christmas!


  20. I would like to give props to the following who made 2007 my best year so far:

    1. to GOD, for giving me the biggest scar and the deepest dent on my entire being and for opening my eyes to his everlasting love and to a whole new meaning of being alive.

    2. for God’s grace, w/c made me rediscover and love myself, w/c helped me get rid of all the anger and bitterness, w/c helped me to hold on to my sanity long enough to get this far.

    3. to a wonderful father and mother (no siblings), whom I’ve neglected at some point but never akong sinumbatan and always stood by me when things blew up in my face.

    4. to my good friend na ginawang instrument ni God to bring me back to Him.

    5. to my crazy friends who put up with all my crap and who stood by me esp. during my lowest point (remember nung nag inuman tayo sa foodcourt ng tanghaling tapat while the rest of the normal people are having their lunch, hehe).

    6. to my community, that gives me the opportunity to live one of my dreams (to be a volunteer) and spiritual support.

    7. for my job–if you can call it one, which provides well (sans the stress) for my family and myself, which makes it easier to be active in church and easier to give what I have to those who have less.

    8. for all the blessings and answered prayers.

    9. sa matabang 13th month at December salary ko na ngayon ay paubos na..hehe

    10. for good health kahit laging puyat at wala sa oras kung kumain 😛

  21. 1. His Love
    2. My Father, Siblings, and pamangkins..
    3. Food..namnam
    4. My crush…haha he inspires me…
    5. My pets
    6. of course, Friends
    7. my medals… remembering the moments na yung sobrang pagod na pagod ka na that you want to stop and surrender…pero biglang may nakita kang liwanag that id giving you strength to finish the race..whew! unforgettable moments…
    8. my beautiful voice haha
    9. my soft pillow
    10. and the sun

  22. i’ve learned from a friend that this site exists and as i read its contents, cant help but to post some of what’s on my mind… Here’s mine:
    1. God (His love, faithfulness, GRACE, and MERCY)
    2. my parents and sibs…
    3. my bachelor’s degree(after several years of financial struggle & sleepless nights)
    4. my church ( Life Church)
    5. hometown (Puerto Princesa City, Palawan)
    6. work (while waiting for the boards result)
    7. friends, and the people that God uses as channels of blessing…
    8. daily provisions (inspite of scarcity?!…His sustaining grace and mercy…the best!)
    9. for the licence… (I claim it in Jesus name)
    10. for the pruning, honing…for me to be a better individual.

  23. *thanks Gino*

    1. Si God shempre
    2.my Family, lahat kayo sa magkabilang sides!
    3. Claretian family and Claret himself
    4. Si La salle at ang buong La Sallian community
    5. Si Raych nakahiwalay sha sa friends pero friend ko to, sobrang dami ko lang natutunan sa kanya
    6. Bry, Diony, Spag, Pao, Mark, Go, Jep (alam nyo na tol bakit)
    7. Matt, Pao, Jat, Don, Vher… basta buong EV…
    8.Chinese community
    9.Janine, Arge ( my angels )
    10. yung mga taong tumutulong para makarecover ako agad sa surgery ko.. sobrang thanks

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