The root of the problem in our society is the problem of the heart.
And the problems young people encounter today
are symptoms of a greater problem.

Why Volunteer?

You may think that teaching a person about the real meaning of love is not something to be taken seriously. But it is, because if a man doesn’t know how to love, he doesn’t know how to truly live. And we have seen a lot of people from all walks of life going on with their lives trying to satisfy themselves with the things of this world: sex, money, and power, only to end in destruction.

The Philippines has the highest percentage increase of HIV in the world. 2.4 million Filipinos are cohabitating and not married; more than 500,000 Filipino babies are aborted each year; Philippines has the highest teenage pregnancy in Southeast Asia.


Are you willing to selflessly give your time, energy, and treasure to give life to others? Will you do what God is calling you to do and snatch others from the fire? The Lord said, “If you love me, you will obey my commands.”

And His command is to love. Greater love has no one than this: He who lays down his life for the sake of others. They need help. 

Be a TLW Volunteer.

Who Can Volunteer?

There is no typical profile or requirements needed before becoming a volunteer. We believe each volunteer is unique and has different skills. But, the True Love Waits Team does need:

  • People with a burden to proclaim God’s standards on love, sex, relationships, and purity.
  • People who are TRAINED and willing to SERVE others.
  • People who are willing to finish the 3-step process of being a volunteer.

What To Expect?

What do we expect from the volunteers?
     • We expect the volunteers to be on time and follow the rules and regulations of TLW.
     • We expect to build a good and lasting relationship as friends with the volunteers.
     • We expect the volunteers to practice a life of purity by being committed, trustworthy and have integrity at all times.

What can you expect from volunteering?

Volunteerism is an act of service, a way of giving and sharing. True volunteerism means that you think less of yourself and more about others.

     • You expect to receive nothing and are ready to face the challenges of being a volunteer.
     • You expect not to be comforted but to find someone whom you can give comfort.
     • You expect to share everything about your time, skills, knowledge, and treasure.
     • You expect to use your strength and all your might for the cause of something greater.
     • You expect not to care about your tired muscles at the end of the day.
     • You expect to endure and be focused on what you do because you have a goal.
     • You expect your patience to be tested and be humbled.
     • You expect to grow closer to God.

How To Become A Volunteer?

3 Step Process

  1. Attend the Get Oriented Day
  2. Fill out the Volunteer Profile Sheet–which will be signed during Get Oriented Day.
  3. Attend Wait Training.

If you want to be a True Love Waits Volunteer, please fill out the form below:

Volunteer Profile Sheet

Note: Please wait for the coordinator to email you back inviting you to join Get Oriented Day and Wait Training. You may complete this training in one day.