Who We Need?

The main job of TLW Volunteer is to be facilitators of the TLW lessons. However, that’s not all that they can do at TLW. They can help the ministry using their God-given talent and skills in different areas like:

Facilitator/Trainer – Volunteer will be trained to facilitate the TLW Lesson.

Public Speaker – volunteer can be a substitute during the Love Revolution talk when the staff is not available.

Entertainer – they can sing songs, dance, play instruments, that we can use during talks and conferences.

Writers – they can write blogs, articles, stories, script for docu, podcasts.

Graphic Artist – can help in designing posters, AVP, banners,etc.

Researcher – we need more people who are good in doing research about statistics, articles, books, facts that can be used in writing essays, and doing.

Production Assistant – We need people who can run around, and help coordinate the program on the day of the event.

Video Editors – can edit videos for AVP,documentary, TLW video projects in the future.

Usher / Marshall – has the humility to assist others and greet them with a smile.

Photographer – has an eye for taking good pictures.

Specific Needs – this involves helping the staff in the office like organizing and preparing materials needed for events, planning get together, or any specific need we have in the office.