Wait for the curtains to open

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Sometimes life reminds me of a play…We don't always understand what is happening, and we never really know what is going to happen next… We are sitting in the theater waiting for the play to begin, knowing that once it does it is going to be beautiful and enjoyable…but…we get impatient…we want it to start now!…Time keeps passing and the curtains seem to be frozen…"When will they open?"…."When is it going to begin?"…but the truth is it has already begun!…It began when the writer of the play put the first mark on paper. Behind the curtains there are people carefully completing the last few intricate details…Just as God has every detail of our life perfectly planned out. Once the curtains open, we will finally understand why it took so long, because God knows exactly what He is doing in our lives. And He sees the BIG PICTURE even if we cannot…We just have to patiently wait on Him, because His timing is perfect. Don’t think your life is on hold because something you think should happen, hasn’t happened yet…It will!…God will not leave you stuck, stranded, or alone…Sometimes I even ask, "God, you didn’t forget about me did you?", and the answer is always "No, I love you so much! You are my child, and I could never forget about you!". He is there and He wants the very best for each one of us…So the curtains haven’t opened yet…big deal…in time they will, and it will be well worth the wait when they do!

-Cat  cat

7 thoughts on “Wait for the curtains to open”

  1. it’s a wonderful illustration. we just need to be patient enough for the curtains to open.we should not be in a hurry because we may miss the big, important and beautiful event that GOD wants us to see. thanks again for the reminding illustration. GOD Bless.

  2. rosemarie dalere

    its a great message…..Im realy inspired….Its true to be patient, if you learn to wait big surprises will come, and its really perfect….

  3. …woooowwwwwwww….
    ,,,Tnx 4 da very inspiring message…

    ,,,dapat talagang MAG WaIT….

    ,,,GOD BLESS powh…

  4. Amen. God alone can satisfy us. Future mates are only helpers and partners in bringing glory to God. 🙂

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