What Happened…

The True Love Waits Philippines wants to greet you a blessed New Year and also extend our deepest appreciation for supporting the website and our work. With the New Year coming very soon we prepare a lot more cool stuff for you that would make us all more aware regarding love issues and relationships…Upcoming are:
-New and Improved homepage of the website with lots of features like cool videos, newsletter and more interactions.

-The Impact Asia camp at Highlands, Iba Zambales gathering 40,000 youth all over Manila.

-The launch of “UNASHAMED” at Ultra with performance by Barbie and Kitchie this coming July for high school students all over the Metro.

-There are American youth volunteers that would come visit and help the ministry.

-The new version of the workbooks, lot’s of training and seminars.

And most of all a new beginning for all of us, it is said forgetting what happens in the past and looking forward to the new day.



6 thoughts on “What Happened…”

  1. they say the only thing constant in the world is change. but there is one more thing: LOVE. years come and go but LOVE always stays! never fails, never waivers, never ends! happy new year to all TRUE LOVE WAITS-ers!

  2. im with you guys on that..
    be prayin for our ministry.

    i would love to contribute.

    God bless TLW!
    A more loving year for all of us.

  3. im really glad ive found out this website.. it’s really great. thanks to PIBJ. thanks to Bro.Bo.. Happy new year!! may this web and this ministry be blessed more..

  4. Thanks for both of your comments Divine. sa tingin ko….it was a divine appointment tama ba?

    Bo has been a blessing to us. He and Marowe and the kids came over for dinner. He was a blessing to us also. Please pass our site to your friends and if you are a friendster you can put it on you friendster or your blog, kung meron…

    We also have more video blogs coming soon on the site. One is our interview with Barbia and her new husband Martin. Pray for them and their family.


  5. wow..

    .. as a teenage girl like me, I’ve had confusing and painful experiences about love… with this site, i was enlightened on how to face certain situations and really glorify God with my reationships to other people.. =) hope to read more articles this year! God Bless!

  6. Thank you Ana, I also had a hard time early sa aking buhay. Dahilan…I am here to help others. kariniwan para sa ng mga kabataan to experience difficulties.

    But what we are trying to do is learn from others mistakes and our own to help those who have not yet experienced.

    Together we can help someone before they fall.

    The truth is there is no place to really learn about relationships. Sometimes our parents are medyo nahiya. Karaniwan din.

    Lets pray and work together. Kuya Derek

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