What influences you?

I heard a conversation recently, tungkol sa TLW (True Love Waits), making informed decisions, knowing the reasons to wait and finding true love was important. Pero sabi ng isa sa kanila, “Sa kulturang Asyano, especially Filipino culture, premarital sex is considered “kasalanan”. Pero kung titignan mo ang media pressures (here in the Philippines), outdoor billboards, movies at TV… etc, etc… iba ang sinasabi o idinidikta… kaya ang kultura natin ay unti-unti ng lumalabo. The average age for the first sexual encounter here in the Philippines is 17yrs old. Kahit na sabihin nating malalim at konserbatibo ang kulturang Pilipino… we are changing.

Mayroong matinding labanan na nagaganap ngayon dito sa Pilipinas. Isang labanang walang dugo at walang namamatay, ngunit mapanganib…

2 thoughts on “What influences you?”

  1. What we have right now is what you call, A SPIRITUAL BATTLE… a battle that is far more dangerous than a physical war itself… where artilleries, guns, and soldiers are visible. Spiritual battle, is invisible and its in the form of DEPRESSION.

  2. God loves us and He is Greater than depression. We need a Christian friend that can stand with, encourage and pray for us. The mind is the battle field of our physical bodies  May God who put you together, provide you with everything you need to please him, and make you into what gives him most pleasure…..Heb.13:20-21.

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