You and Me Against the World

There are many kinds of love stories and one of the most common tropes is you and me against the world. Madalas makita ito sa tv series na napapanood natin at syempre marami din nito sa tunay na buhay. The common scenario is that the parents, someone in the family, or close friends do not approve of the person you chose as your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Dahil hindi sila approve, they will say many things about your choice that might even hurt you. But before you shout foul! “Di nyo ako naiintindihan!” take time to pause and consider everything they say. Take note of what they’re saying, kahit na negative pa yan. Your family and friends have the right to comment about your relationship because they’re a part of your life—lalong lalo na ang parents mo. Remember, they’ve been around you and with you before that love came along.

If these people matter to you, please wag agad mag-ala telenovela ang peg na hahamakin ang lahat makasama lang ang lalake o babaeng minamahal mo. Madalas nakakaduda ang mga relationship kung saan napapalayo ang isang tao sa family at circle of friends nya. Many Christians say that they want their relationship to be a blessing to others, pero if a relationship is meant to be a blessing, then shouldn’t it be drawing people closer together?

One of the most undervalued commandment sa Bible ay, “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12

Wag padalos dalos sa pagdedefend kasi mas biased ang grounds mo for defense pag in-love ka. Mahal mo yung tao so natural na magagandang aspeto lang ang nakikita mo. Ika nga, lovers are often blind. The people outside your relationship are more inclined to be levelheaded kasi they don’t have romantic emotions that might cloud their judgment. Listen to them and it might do you some good.

Maaaring hindi Christian ang parents mo at hindi nila maintindihan ang point mo. Maaari ding mali ang reasons nila why they disagree pero if it’s not a matter of giving up Jesus Christ in your life, then I’d say: Obey.

Continue to graciously dialogue and fervently pray for disagreeing parties and let God be the one to change their hearts according to His will. At the end of the day, if meant to be talaga kayo then magiging kayo talaga. Si God ang kikilos sa buhay ng mga tao sa paligid mo at hindi ikaw. Ang tunay na kagalakan ay hindi makikita sa taong gusto mo kundi sa pagtitiwala sa Diyos at pagsunod sa Kanya.


Post by Christin Alvarez, TLW staff. Christin enjoys getting lost in books and the myriad worlds they contain. She likes people but is too shy to talk to them so she just watches and writes about them in her head. You can find letters she has grouped into words at The Road Goes Ever On.

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