You and Me Forever

5 Ways to Romance Your Husband. 10 Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special. 7 Effective Ways To Keep Your Relationship Working—these are common post titles all over the Internet that will gain thousands of clicks, all simply because each one of us want to please that special person in our life. We are so wrapped up with pleasing each other that we try all possible strategies to make relationships click. But is this all there is in a relationship? Just you and me, how do we make this click?

You and Me Forever: Marriage In Light of Eternity, a book by Francis and Lisa Chan, will be released on August 26. It’s a resource that will help singles, dating people, and married couples pull out of the inward focus we all tend to have or want to have in our romantic relationships. This book will help people see the bigger picture—that is, marriage in light of eternity.

Unlike Francis Chan’s previous books, You and Me Forever will be self-published to make all net profits benefit different projects around the world such as providing food, shelter  and rehabilitation for thousands of orphaned children and exploited  women in partnership with global charities.

We’re glad to announce that Francis Chan will be helping True Love Waits Philippines by providing the resources for free. We plan to do all day workshops each month, from October-November based on this resource. Stay tuned with our schedule for this through our website calendar, Facebook, and Twitter.