You Complete Me

How many of us, girls, would long to hear these words from the guy we most cherish? Admit it, we did dream of that time when we would find our Mr. Perfect, someone who would turn all our daydreaming into reality. Going back to this Jerry Maguire line, “You complete me,” one couldn’t help but ask, “Does being single, then, means you are incomplete?”

If I have read this question two years ago, I might have answered yes, and I would be one of the million Facebook users who would click the “Like” button to any post with this famous line. But now, after being taught one of the most important lessons in life, I would say that nobody can ever complete us the way God does. Tom Cruise is no doubt good-looking, but not even a heartthrob like him can make our lives complete, neither Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, or Justin Bieber.

The world equates being single to a “lack of something” or the “need to rush.” This creates the pressure among the singles out there, especially if you’re already on your thirties and still has nobody to call your boyfriend or girlfriend. The world says that we should be finding that person whom we would later call “our better half,” someone who would complete the puzzle, someone who would fill in that empty spot in our lives. The good news is, our being complete is not dependent on our better half. In fact, we are not a half needing of another half to be complete. As Christians, single or not, completeness is found in Christ alone. The moment we accepted Christ in our hearts, the day when we made a vow to put Him in the center of our lives, that is the very day that we were made whole. God completes us. His love can fill the empty spot in our hearts, and we can be sure that there will never be spot again because His love stays forever.

Single girls and guys are probably used to waiting. Waiting can be fun, knowing that God sets the right time for everything and that He will give us the desires of our heart. While we wait, we need not to fret or worry. Instead of giving in to peer pressure, we can make the most out of our singlehood by trusting God and by always acknowledging His presence in our lives. And when God’s perfect time comes, we will face our partner not as a half-person, but as a complete one — someone who lacks nothing and is ready to share the joy of having a complete life with that God-given person.

With God, everything will fall in its perfect place, including our very own love story. To Him we say, “You complete me.”

Guest post by TLW Volunteer Carmela Ann Unas Santos

9 thoughts on “You Complete Me”

  1. God really complete us, when you fully surrender your self to the lord everything will falling apart in perfect place.never be impatience in everything coz there is a right time in God’s eye.

  2. Everything will be perfectly beautiful in God’s proper time..that’s a guarantee we can get from our Beautiful and faithful Father, because we are His children He knows the better, much more than we can ever imagined!! Thank you God!!

  3. it is so true. when you feel you are incomplete and you found someone who also feels incomplete, then 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4. both of you will find incompleteness for the rest of your life. therefore, each of us need to seek to be whole, and that can be found on Christ alone. [heard this from a podcast.] (.n____n.) God bless you more TLW!

  4. hard to admit, but it is really not the people around us who will complete us, but rather it is God. i am used to be with people and thought that they will complete me, up to now, i still find it hard to believe that it is in One God that we can be completed and not because of others. i still believe in the power of myself in being complete, but everyday God renews my mind and showers me with His blessings and telling me that, when i find myself helpless and alone, He is always there to fill and complete me. pray for me guys as I continue to grow. and as always, more power and blessings to you guys! 🙂

  5. I always fell like there is a loop hole inside me however whenever I remind myself of God’s love I knew I am wholly blessed with God’s grace. GBU ALL!

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